A military academy decides to merge with an all girls school to save it from financial ruin. When the ghost of the school founder finds out he is not pleased at first. He and his buds try to haunt the halls to get rid of the girls. Meanwhile, a new student has an aunt who is after his hefty inheritance. The boys and the girls, along and the ghosts, must learn to work together however to save the school. Man, this movie was boring. It was pretty cheesy and I found it hard to stay focused or care about what was happening. No need to ever watch this movie.


Jody Foster stars as Casey, a teenage orphan who is taken to England from LA to try and pass for the long lost granddaughter of the Lady of Candleshoe. She is also seeking the treasure that is rumored to be buried there. At first Casey is in it for the money, but soon falls in love with the family that resides there. Instead of hunting for the treasure to give to the crook who brought her there, she helps the family look for it so they can pay the taxes owed on Candleshoe. Yes, there is a sort of “Anastasia” feel here. The movie was OK enough. We like Jodie Foster and so that helped in getting us to watch it, but then her character was actually a bit of a brat. It did get boring and the treasure hunt wasn’t as fun as I was hoping it would be. They just sort of happened upon the treasure eventually. Where’s the fun in that? While we were fine seeing it once, it isn’t one we need to watch again or recommend others need to see.


We were so interested in the story this movie told, and the brave people who endured the prejudices against them and stood up for equality. Movies with important themes and issues are always a little tricky to rate. We are rating the movie made, and not the story. This movie comes across just as it is, a made for TV movie with an important story. It is told from the point of view of a little girl named Sheyann Webb. Sheyann was an 11 year old girl who become a devout follower of Martin Luther King, and chose to participate in the protest march from Selma to Montgomery in March of 1965. We loved hearing this incredible story from the point of view from this brave girl. This is a good movie to show and teach your kids about civil rights and the brave people who fought for their rights.