Gisele is an animated character from the land of Andalasia who has just met, and is about to marry, her prince. At last, her dream is about to come true….or is it? The prince’s evil stepmother pushes Gisele down a well where she eventually ends up in our world, the real world. This movie is fun and entertaining. Any Disney fan will enjoy finding all the Easter eggs referencing other classic Disney movies and characters. While we love the story and the music, it isn’t a movie we have to watch all the time. We enjoy it every once in a while. We’re excited for the sequel that is coming out in 2018.


A farming town is suffering from a drought when a strange man comes to town and grows a crop of balloons. That’s right. He grows balloons and sells them. The balloons, while already a miracle that they grew, also do more once they go home with their new owners. They seem to help them with whatever problems they had, from arthritis to fitness. But of course, there are people opposed to this guy and think they are scamming them. Then the FBI steps in because.. they always do in movies. One little girl, however, believes strongly in this man and his balloon farm and wants him to stay knowing he can save their farms from the drought. Yes, this movie is ridiculous and yes it is boring. It just really didn’t come together for us and we got bored. Maybe little kids would enjoy, but no need to go to the effort of finding it to watch it.


A man named Horace escapes from jail in a Santa suit and later hides out in an apartment building basement. A brother and sister find him and believe him to be the real Santa Clause. Playing off the mistaken identity, Horace persuades the kids along with their friends to help him in retrieving a load of money he has hidden. The kids willing oblige thinking they are helping Santa. The more time Horace spends with the kids and sees all their troubles, the more he learns the true meaning of Christmas. This movie just felt long and we got bored. The character arc of Horace didn’t fully connect for me either. I know they were trying to have him slowly over time learn to do the right thing. But it seemed more to me that one minute he didn’t care, then just did all of a sudden at a time that didn’t quite make sense. There are a lot better Christmas movies out there to bother yourself with this one.


A rich man dies and leaves his entire estate to his cat. A humble family living in a small house on the property who served the millionaire continue to take care of the grounds as well as the cat who lives in the main house. The dead man’s nephew and his wife, of course, want the cat gone so they can have the money for themselves. The kids of the family soon discover that the cat can actually talk and together they must stop the nephew and his wife from harming the cat. The movie is not that great but was bearable. It was pretty ridiculous and cheesy but kept us interested enough that we made it through OK. We don’t think anyone has to see it, but there are definitely worse movies to watch.


The sequel to Mr. Boogedy, the haunting ghost is back and this time he wants the mom of the of the family to become his bride….yeah. This movie is bad. It is so bad. I do not know why this movie needed to be made. It doesn’t get a flat out 1 because the movie is a fun one to watch and make fun of with friends.


I must admit that I was a Muppet Christmas Carol virgin before this fateful night. Now that I have finally seen it, I am bummed so many Christmases have gone by without having watched this movie. It is, in true Muppet fashion, a hilarious and unique take on such a classic tale. It really is fun and I think will become a Christmas tradition. If you have never seen it and like the Muppets, then I definitely recommend checking this one out right away….when it’s Christmas…or before. Do what you want.


We absolutely love Beauty and the Beast so we were ready to watch this Christmas themed sequel even if it was a straight to video. We were so wrong. So very very wrong. This movie was the worst. THE WORST! When rating this movie we seriously had a hard time with the fact that we were giving a Beauty and the Beast movie a 1, but there was no way around it. We had to do it. It was that awful. The story was stupid, the songs were not good and nothing made sense. This story takes place sometime in the middle of the original. Belle is still a prisoner of the Beasts and they are about to have their first Christmas together. The villain of the movie is an organ. Yep, you read that right. An organ that must keep the Beast depressed and hating Christmas so he will want to listen to the organ’s classical music. Belle is ruining everything by wanting to fill the castle with Christmas cheer. But it is just one of those things where you have to be careful introducing a story that takes place during an already told story because we’re going to get mad if it doesn’t make sense or tries to change the original in any way. And this one just doesn’t make sense. Where was this organ in the original? Why didn’t we ever hear about him? Ok well, I guess we didn’t let’s move past it. Wait…is she wearing her yellow dress at the Christmas party??? No! she can’t have her yellow ball gown at the party! She for sure wore that for the first time when she and Beast finally have their first date and then she leaves the castle to save her father. There was no time for Christmas in between! Anyway, this movie was so bad that even the fact that it was filled with characters we love, it still couldn’t save it in any way. Do yourself a favor and never pollute your eyes with this mess.


If you are a Hannah Montana and/or Miley Cyrus fan then you will love this movie. It is her Best of Both Worlds concert tour with some behind the scenes clips throughout. If you are not a fan then don’t watch it. You won’t like it. I will say this concert movie was far better than the Jonas Brothers concert movie. While we are not big Hannah Montana fans, we have seen the show and there are a couple of songs we enjoy, so watching the concert movie wasn’t too bad.


A research scientist takes home a duck from his lab as a pet for his son to save it from being put down. Before the duck left the lab, however, he was exposed to radiation (how most unexplained things happen in movie land) and it is soon discovered that the duck now lays solid golden eggs. The scientist and his family start trading in the gold eggs around the city to pay off their debts but it isn’t long until the FBI is on his case. Yes, the story is bizarre but overall it was pretty fun. The wife was by far the best character and perfectly cast. There is a lot of slapstick comedy and general silliness. It is good to check it out at least once.


The Muppets are all about to go their separate ways for Christmas, much to the dismay of their human friend, Claire. She just wants all her friends to stay so they can all celebrate Christmas together. While the Muppets are helping the post office with the mail, Gonzo accidentally causes three letters to Santa, including Claire’s, to get undelivered and with it being Christmas Eve…well it’s already too late. Letters should have been mailed months ago. Santa needs time people! Anyway, Gonzo convinces Kermit that they must deliver the letters to Santa themselves. While it does have some of the classic Muppet humor, the movie is pretty cheesy and not very entertaining. The young kiddos will like this movie, but we recommend watching A Muppet Christmas Carol to get your Muppet fix during the holidays.