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A man named Horace escapes from jail in a Santa suit and later hides out in an apartment building basement. A brother and sister find him and believe him to be the real Santa Clause. Playing off the mistaken identity, Horace persuades the kids along with their friends to help him in retrieving a load of money he has hidden. The kids willing oblige thinking they are helping Santa. The more time Horace spends with the kids and sees all their troubles, the more he learns the true meaning of Christmas. This movie just felt long and we got bored. The character arc of Horace didn’t fully connect for me either. I know they were trying to have him slowly over time learn to do the right thing. But it seemed more to me that one minute he didn’t care, then just did all of a sudden at a time that didn’t quite make sense. There are a lot better Christmas movies out there to bother yourself with this one.


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