A man inherits a hotel and in the Rocky Mountains and hastily quits his job and moves his family there. Upon arrival, they discover the hotel is a wreck. They decide to fix it up and open a ski resort on the newly acquired land knowing nothing about the sport. This movie actually was a pleasant surprise. We quite enjoyed it. It contained a lot of entertaining slapstick comedy, a good story and never felt like it was dragging. We laughed and were entertained. It is just a feel good, fun to watch, movie.


Fantasia is a classic Disney movie. This is a must see for any Disney fan. It is a unique film where animators experimented with animating to classical music. Let animation give a new voice, a new story and a new interpretation to music from Beethoven and Bach among others. We must admit, however, that as kids we would watch the ones we liked and walked away during or fast forward through ones we didn’t. As adults, we do the same thing. This time we did watch it from start to finish so don’t worry, but it did feel a long. We think young kids will feel the same way we do about this movie. They will tune in and out. They will like some segments and tune out for others and get scared when the great big goblin looking dude, shows up. He is scary! We definitely think it is one that everyone needs to see at least once, but we won’t judge if you skip over some parts. Just don’t skip over “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”. We will judge you for that. Go Mickey!

PLANES (2013)

A spinoff of CarsPlanes takes place in the same world but focuses on the..well….planes. It is pretty similar to the plot of Cars. A dust cropper plane, Dusty, wants to be a racer. After much resisting, an old warplane with a haunting past that no one knows about agrees to teach him. He qualifies for the big race around the world where some other veteran racer plane taunts Dusty and cheats in order to win. But even though the story reminded us of Cars, this was no Cars. It just didn’t have any of the creative humor that you would expect. The story has been done and there was no unique twist to make it its own. We might have laughed once or twice but no need to ever watch this movie again.


Another of the Disneynature films, this one focuses on the snow leopard in the Himalayas. Rarely seen, a team spends months in China trying to capture a few moments of the cat on film. The problem with this documentary is that they really didn’t have enough footage to make a whole movie. There is a lot of fluff to help fill it out but that left us feeling a little bored. The team even expresses how little they were actually able to catch of the snow leopard and how difficult it was. What they were able to capture, however, was really interesting. They found a mother and her two cubs and were able to give the audience a brief glimpse into their lives. So while we greatly admire the team for their hard work and dedication to capture what they did, it just wasn’t enough to make a really captivating documentary. I think it would have been better if it was shorter.


Air Bud. Again. This time Air Bud is on the soccer team. We feel this one is pretty much the same as all the other Air Bud sequels. It is cheesy, predictable and ridiculous but this time with soccer. Watching the dog is fun and he gets a girlfriend and they have puppies in this one. So now we know where the Air Buddies came into the picture.


The new teacher from England is determined to raise the self-esteem of a group of misfit students as well as their low test scores by teaching them soccer. Eventually, the students begin to believe in themselves and they end up becoming a pretty good team. But will the beat the best team in town? The movie is fun enough. It’s good to see once and we’re OK if we had to watch it again. But it doesn’t have as much substance as Sandlot even if two actors from that movie are in this tooThe kid characters aren’t as memorable or unique. I don’t think I could tell you any of their names. This is one that kids will enjoy enough and adults could last through at least one watch.

BAMBI II (2006)

Bambi II takes place during the time Bambi is being raised by his father after his mother has died. Bambi is learning how to behave as the son of the Great Prince while the Great Prince is learning to be a loving father. The movie is decent. Better then what we expected. We laughed at times and were entertained. It is worth checking out for any Disney fan, but if you just want to stick with the original, that is OK too.

THE LION KING 1 1/2 (2004)

If you are going to watch a Lion King sequel, make it this one! This movie takes place during the time of the original Lion King, but from the point of view of Timon and Pumbaa. We learn what Timon and Pumbaa were up to before Simba came along and then watch what they were up to while Simba was off doing his thing. Unlike Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas, this movie does it right. It doesn’t take anything away from the original and is just plain fun. We laughed quite a bit. I think this is one worth checking out that the whole family can enjoy.


THE BFG (2016)

It took us a while to decide to sit down and watch this one because, to be honest, it just didn’t look good to us. Now, we have not read the book so we went into this movie knowing nothing.  For the first bit, we were happy to feel like we were proven wrong. The story was interesting and we were enjoying it. But then the rest of the movie happened. It started to feel long and we weren’t sure where it was going. Then…SPOILER ALERT…it all get resolved by telling the Queen?? Why does she even have to get involved in this? Finally, the movie felt like it was picking up again and we were excited to see how the new best friends, Sophie and BFG, were going to take on the big bad bullying giants. But their plan was to tell the Queen? We didn’t like that. Maybe that is what happens in the book, but it was stupid. Visually it was cool and while it was a little better than we originally thought, it wasn’t much.