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Fantasia is a classic Disney movie. This is a must see for any Disney fan. It is a unique film where animators experimented with animating to classical music. Let animation give a new voice, a new story and a new interpretation to music from Beethoven and Bach among others. We must admit, however, that as kids we would watch the ones we liked and walked away during or fast forward through ones we didn’t. As adults, we do the same thing. This time we did watch it from start to finish so don’t worry, but it did feel a long. We think young kids will feel the same way we do about this movie. They will tune in and out. They will like some segments and tune out for others and get scared when the great big goblin looking dude, shows up. He is scary! We definitely think it is one that everyone needs to see at least once, but we won’t judge if you skip over some parts. Just don’t skip over “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”. We will judge you for that. Go Mickey!
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