A documentary put together by James Cameron where he teams up with scientists to explore the ocean floor along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. The point of the documentary seemed to be that by exploring our own oceans and the unique creatures in it, we can better be prepared to find life on other planets. We went into this movie thinking that it would be more about the creatures they found. While that was some of it, a lot of it was about how they could find life on other planets. Not that that isn’t an interesting thing, we just were more interested in seeing the weird creatures in our own ocean. Since that is what we thought we were going to see, we were a little disappointed when we felt like they didn’t show us enough ocean weirdos. Although we did like the ones we did see. The documentary is interesting enough but isn’t earth-shattering or a must see by any means. If you are interested in the topic then, sure, check it out. Otherwise, just keep swimming. Right, Dory?


Charley, a man focused on work, learns from an angel that his time is up. Charley tries to change his ways and become a better family man but his family isn’t really cooperating since they are used to him working all the time anyway. Charley’s two sons unknowingly get involved with bootlegging for gangsters and it’s Charley to the rescue (with the help of his angel friend that only he can see). The movie was fun enough. It has a lot of the Disney slapstick comedy and visual tricks of the time that keep you entertained. We could watch it again if we had to.