THE BFG (2016)

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It took us a while to decide to sit down and watch this one because, to be honest, it just didn’t look good to us. Now, we have not read the book so we went into this movie knowing nothing.  For the first bit, we were happy to feel like we were proven wrong. The story was interesting and we were enjoying it. But then the rest of the movie happened. It started to feel long and we weren’t sure where it was going. Then…SPOILER ALERT…it all get resolved by telling the Queen?? Why does she even have to get involved in this? Finally, the movie felt like it was picking up again and we were excited to see how the new best friends, Sophie and BFG, were going to take on the big bad bullying giants. But their plan was to tell the Queen? We didn’t like that. Maybe that is what happens in the book, but it was stupid. Visually it was cool and while it was a little better than we originally thought, it wasn’t much.
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