After spending three years filming African wildlife, Disney made this documentary. “A true Life adventure!” And you know what? It was a true life adventure! It was really interesting. The film not only shows you the life of a lion and his pride, but also lots of other animals in the African safari such as elephants, giraffes, warthogs, hippos, and cheetahs. The movie keeps your interests by moving on to different animals but also ties together how they all live and survive in the same world. We think animal-loving kids would love this documentary and think it will hold their attention. We definitely think people should give this one a try. It was a pleasant surprise.


Before Disney did the animated movie of Robin Hood, they made a live-action feature about the classic literary character. When we sat down to watch this movie, we were expecting to be bored. It actually turned out better then we thought. There was some fun humor in it we didn’t expect. We would be open to watching it again if the time came. If you are an ultimate Disney fan or a fan of Robin Hood himself, go ahead and check out Disney’s second live-action movie made.


I loved this movie as a kid. I thought Fidget the bat was hilarious. He still is. But as a whole, I definitely liked this movie better as a kid than as an adult. It’s still a fun and cute little movie, though, don’t get me wrong. I think it is one of the underrated Disney movies. Not too many people have seen it or even know about it. It is a “Sherlock Holmes” movie for kids. Basil is the Sherlock substitute who is on the case to find poor little Olivia’s father. He has been taken by Basil nemesis, Professor Ratigan. And Ratigan is a very creepy villain. He freaked me out when he and Basil are fighting on the face of Big Ben. His claws!!! But why is he a Professor? What subject did he teach? And where? Oxford perhaps? He is a very distinguished rat…until he loses his temper because someone calls him a rat. And where did he get that cat that answers to his bell? I’ve got you interested now, huh? So go watch it!

MIRACLE (2004)

In preparation for the 2018 Winter Olympics, we watched¬†Miracle. A true story of the USA men’s hockey team who won the gold in 1980. This movie was good. It was really inspiring to see how far the team had to come to win. That coach was intense and Kurt Russell played him perfectly. Even though you know the outcome and know that they are going to win, it will leave you on the edge of your seat. We definitely recommend you see this movie.

AMY (1981)

Amy¬†is about a woman, named Amy, who arrives at a deaf/blind school to teach deaf kids to speak. At first, we thought that movie was going to be about Amy, the woman who taught Helen Keller, but it is not. It is an interesting story but does feel long at times. Young kids would get bored as it is a movie that is mostly talking. There are a couple stressful moments that break your heart, like the 4-year old that was so certain that when he turned 5 his eyes would open and he would “finally be able to see real good.” It was fine to have seen once, but not a must-see.


The president of the United States is falling out of touch with the average American. He goes online anonymously and gets some good advice from a fellow chat roomer. Little does he know that his great campaign advice is coming from a middle school boy. OK, the premise of the story is fine enough but this movie is not. I mean, we are supposed to believe that cousin Eddy became the President?? I know, I know. He isn’t cousin Eddy. He is an actor. But he is cousin Eddy always and forever. This movie was pretty boring but it was funny to see very old school internet. No need to see this movie.