I loved this movie as a kid. I thought Fidget the bat was hilarious. He still is. But as a whole, I definitely liked this movie better as a kid than as an adult. It’s still a fun and cute little movie, though, don’t get me wrong. I think it is one of the underrated Disney movies. Not too many people have seen it or even know about it. It is a “Sherlock Holmes” movie for kids. Basil is the Sherlock substitute who is on the case to find poor little Olivia’s father. He has been taken by Basil nemesis, Professor Ratigan. And Ratigan is a very creepy villain. He freaked me out when he and Basil are fighting on the face of Big Ben. His claws!!! But why is he a Professor? What subject did he teach? And where? Oxford perhaps? He is a very distinguished rat…until he loses his temper because someone calls him a rat. And where did he get that cat that answers to his bell? I’ve got you interested now, huh? So go watch it!