ZOMBIES (2018)

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The newest Disney Channel original movie is pretty much like a Hairspray for kids featuring zombies. Zombies are no longer brain-eating monsters. They are finally allowed to attend the normals school but are still separated from them. A normal cheerleader girl and a zombie boy fall in love and must work at uniting their worlds so all can become one and be happy. The movie was OK. The songs weren’t actually too bad and the dances were good. But the story and the characters were pretty cheesy. If it’s a bracelet that makes it is so the zombies won’t eat brains then why is it so easily busted or manipulated when it gets hit or bumped? He shouldn’t be playing football if he can just slap his bracelet and it’s affected. Shouldn’t they be stronger than that? Ah well. While we are sure that kids will love this movie nonetheless and will drive their parents crazy by watching it over and over, we don’t think it will become as big as Descendants or High School Musical.


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