Hunchback is one of the less popular Disney animated movies and we can see why. This is one that we don’t mind watching every once in a long while, but it isn’t one we need to watch. The movie isn’t totally lacking in charm. You still want to root for the main characters and the story is interesting enough with an important message. As a kid, my heart always broke at the scene where the town tied up Quasimodo and threw food at him and it still does as an adult. But the songs don’t hook you like Disney songs should. We don’t ever find ourselves bursting out singing any of them like we do with songs from other movies. However, when I went to Notre Dame for the first time I did burst out saying, “SANCTUARY!!” So overall, I think that we recommend you see this movie at least once in your lifetime, but maybe that is all you need.


A made for TV movie, this one is about a young Beethoven and how he became a popular composer and then slowly lost his hearing. It was interesting to see the story of Beethoven. Learning a little about his life, how he composed even after becoming deaf and what his inspirations were was entertaining. The movie was overall just average and it did feel slow and boring at times. It is a lot of talk and classical music so we think kids will get bored. Not one that you need to search out to see, but maybe if the opportunity presents itself, check it out and see what you learn about Beethoven (the composer not the dog).


Kind of a Fantasia type of movie, Make Mine Music is a serious of animated shorts to music. However, the music is more the popular contemporary music of the time rather than classical. Some of the shorts are good and worth seeing and some are boring and can be missed. If you are a Disney fan then we say check it out. It was made back in the day when Disney was still very much experimenting with animation. But other than that, it is one that can be skipped.


The newest movie (so far) to come from Walt Disney Pictures, A Wrinkle in Time is about a young girl on a journey with her little brother and her friend to find her father who is lost and trapped across the galaxy. OK, so the first 2/3 of this movie was good. We were into it. We had never read the book or have seen the first version Disney made so we had no idea what to expect. But the movie fell flat when it was supposed to be at the climax. The It (the bad guy) was just dumb. The scene felt long and I was just ready for them to move on and yet at the same time, it was all too easy. I also felt like it has some good moral messages but they were hitting us in the face with it over and over again. We get the message! You don’t have to keep flat out saying it every two minutes. Doing that makes it feel like they believe the audience is dumb. We’re not. I am not sure how the book is but after watching this movie I want to read it to see. But kudos to Reese Witherspoon. She was great in the movie.


Paramount Pictures and Walt Disney produced this movie together. So we have it on the list and we watched it. This movie is so weird. For the first little while, we kept wondering what was even happening. As the story moved on it made more sense, but was still weird. We can see why this wasn’t fully a Disney film and why they helped produce it but it was only the Paramount Pictures logo that starts the movie off. This movie is way too dark and adult to have the castle logo on it. This is not a movie for kids. They would either be terrified or bored. It is either a lot of old English talk or baby dragons biting a women’s foot off. I can see how this movie may have appealed to the Dungeons and Dragons crowd of the 80s but that is about it. We have seen it once and that is fine and have no need to see it again.


After watching Saving Mr. Banks, we were ready for this classic. This movie is one that has something for everyone. Kids and adults can both sit down and enjoy this wonderful story. Plus, it stars Julie Andrews and everyone knows that she is awesome. Watching this as an adult is different than as a child. I remember, as a kid, loving parts and also getting bored in parts. Gotta fast forward through the boring bank parts to get back to the children and Mary Poppins. But I still loved all those other parts. As an adult, you are fine watching those scenes and you realize their importance. If one has not ever watched the magic that is Mary Poppins, I say please do yourself a favor and watch it now. It is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!


This movie is about the making of the Disney film Mary Poppins. It focuses on P.L. Travers, author of the Mary Poppins books, on both her life as a child and her experience with working with Walt Disney. This movie is pretty fascinating. It is interesting to see the life of this women, portrayed by the wonderful Emma Thompson, and what may have inspired her to write her books. We also love seeing Walt Disney portrayed by Tom Hanks. I get excited every time he walks on the screen for the first time. It really is interesting how these two polar opposite personalities came together to make such a marvelous movie. This movie has inspired us to read the original Mary Poppins books as well as wanting to find out more about the life of her creator. If you are a fan of the books, the movie or Disney, we recommend this movie. It may get boring for young kids as it is a lot of talking, but we recommend checking it out for yourself.