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Who knew that Sean Connery was ever that young. Crazy. Darby O’Gill is pretty much branded the town idiot and doesn’t help matters when he tells everyone how he has outsmarted and captured the King of the Leprechauns. The thing is, he has actually captured the King of the Leprechauns and needs him to grant him his wishes so he can make everything in his life right again. You see, he is about to be replaced as caretaker for a Lord’s estate by a young Sean Connery. This movie is pretty much all the stereotypical Irish persona, myth and folklore rolled into one. Why yes, there is a banshee in the movie. The movie as a whole wasn’t great. There are a couple things here and there to chuckle at but all in all, you don’t have to see this. The most interesting thing about this movie was watching the “how they did it” bonus content. They showed the making of the movie and how they used the power of perception to make the leprechauns look so small next to humans. That’s right. They didn’t use fancy CGI. It is all forced perspective. Pretty neat.
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