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My parents had a few volumes of Disney classic songs that I LOVED to listen to growing up. On one of the volumes was the song “The Monkey’s Uncle”. I had no idea where this song came from but I liked it. Well, now I have seen the movie from which the song came and I must say that it makes a lot more sense now. We didn’t realize that this was actually a sequel until after we starting watching it…ah well. Merlin Jones has adopted a monkey and is using him to test his latest invention, a machine that teaches you any information while you sleep. So when the football team is in trouble because two of their greatest players are going to flunk out, the college turns to Merlin to help them cheat honestly. Uh..yeah, ok.. What is with this “honest cheating” thing in these college movies. Remember¬†The Absent Minded Professor? Cheating is cheating people. The movie is fine for a one-time viewing and to know where the song I had heard my whole life is from.

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