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During WWII, Nazi spies in America are trying to steal an object that will help them take over the world. But never fear, a young good-looking man will swoop in and save the day and get the girl. Think I am talking about Indiana Jones? Nope. I am talking about The Rocketeer. This movie tried so hard to be another Indiana Jones but didn’t quite make it. A young pilot comes across a jetpack that allows him to fly, save the day and become The Rocketeer. Of course, Nazis and gangsters want the jetpack for themselves and so the battle for the machine ensues. The movie was pretty predictable and we got bored after a while. While it was fine for a one-time viewing, I don’t need to see it again. Disney wanted to turn this into a franchise and do more films and it never came to be. That is just fine with us.
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