A wife has a prize-winning dachshund pup who is about to give birth to hopefully more prize-winning pups. While at the vet’s, the husband is talked into taking home an abandoned Great Dane puppy. Once the puppies grow up, the Great Dane thinks he is just a small dog like his dachshund siblings. Of course, his size causing all kinds of chaos for our couple and he keeps getting blamed for things the dachshunds do. This movie isn’t one of those you have to go see, but you could. Watching a bunch of adorable dog’s in a movie can’t be a bad thing.


Now, we love Hayley Mills. She is a Disney legend for sure. But this movie! Ugh. Hayley Mills plays a girl who along with her brother, go across the seas in search of their missing sea captain father. It’s the kind of movie that goes from one crazy scenario to another and then another. You want to laugh at it because it’s so ridiculous but you are not supposed to laugh. We got bored watching it and soon couldn’t wait for it to be over. Please just go watch Pollyanna or The Parent Trap if you need a Hayley Mills fix.


Frank and Ollie are two of the original animators for Disney. They worked on Snow White, Pinocchio, Fantasia, Bambi, and, yeah, you get it. We always enjoy hearing and learning the history of Disney. This documentary was great. We love hearing their stories right from them, their families, and from current Disney filmmakers inspired by their work. If you are interested in Disney history then you need to see this. Young kids will probably get bored since it is mostly interviews with various people but we think adults will enjoy.


This is the kind of movie that is fun to watch just because it is one of those old Disney classics that you have heard of but never actually saw. While this wasn’t my first viewing of The Love Bug, it wasn’t that long ago that I did see it for the first time. Herbie is a Volkswagen bug with a mind of its own. A struggling racecar driver ends up with Herbie and his world is turned upside down. OK OK, so this movie is pretty cheesy and the race at the end lasts a long time. And maybe you wonder why it is never explained why Herbie is alive. Just accept it, embrace it and move on. We still recommend this movie only so you can say you have seen it at least once.


Another movie based off of a well-known book that I have not read. I can’t go into what was left out or how the movie may have betrayed the book, etc., but I can say that I enjoy this movie. The child actors carry this movie very well. The imagery is beautiful and the story and message are important. That being said, it isn’t a movie that we feel we have to watch all the time, but it is one that we like to watch every once in a long while. If you haven’t seen this movie, we do recommend you make an effort to check it out. It’s a good one.

IRON WILL (1994)

Will decides to join a dogsled race in order to earn some much-needed money for himself and his mother. The problem is that Will is young and inexperienced. Will he make it across to the finish line? We liked the movie more than we thought we would and the story was intriguing enough. We definitely wanted to know if Will would win or even finish. We say you don’t have to see this movie, but don’t turn it down if you have an opportunity to watch it.


Disneynature again! This tugs at your heartstrings a little more as we watch a young chimp lose his mother, try to survive the jungle on his own and then get adopted by the last chimp you would think, the alpha male. Like the other Disneynature films, I think it is enjoyable and interesting to see once and the call it good.

TOY STORY 3 (2010)

Pixar knows how to do many things. One thing they know how to do very well is to make the audience cry. Toy Story seems to get more and more emotional with each sequel. In Toy Story 3, we see Andy has grown up and is about to go to college. So what is going to happen to Woody, Buzz and the rest of the gang?!? Toy Story 3 takes events and emotions from our childhood that we didn’t realize we may have felt and pushed them right in front of us. There on the screen, a story unfolds that makes us reminisce about our own experiences while we sympathize along with Andy and his beloved childhood toys. While we like the first two Toy Story’s better, this movie is still a great one and we can’t wait for Toy Story 4!

BEARS (2014)

Bears is a Disneynature film about, you guessed it, bears. We follow a momma bear and her two cubs as she teaches them how to survive in the Alaskan wilderness. It was interesting enough that we are glad we have seen it but isn’t one we need to watch again and again. The imagery is beautiful and watching what they were able to capture these animals is incredible. If you get a chance to see it, go ahead.


The classic tale told with Chris O’Donnell, Charlie Sheen, Tim Curry, in all its 90s glory. Now, I have never read the book so I have no idea how accurate this adaptation is. So if you are looking for that information…don’t look here. This movie was an ok enough action movie. We were entertained and looking at 90s Chris O’Donnell is never a bad thing in our opinion. We wouldn’t say you have to see this movie but we wouldn’t say keep away from it either.