Natty lives in Chicago during the Depression with her father. When her dad goes across the country to Washington to find work, Natty must stay until he can send for her. Soon after however, Natty runs away to be with her dad. The movie follows her journey as she bravely crosses the country. The story overall was fine and I am always up for watching John Cusack (his voice is just so soothing!). Although, at times felt ready for it to get moving forward.


A movie made of a few animated shorts based on American tall tales. We are glad to have checked it out and seen these shorts at least once. Now that we have, we are all set. While these animated shorts are well done, they aren’t ones I would recommend everyone has to see. Although, if you are looking for something to teach your kids the tales of John Henry, Johnny Appleseed, Paul Bunyan and Casey Jones then this is the perfect movie to show them.


An astronaut and his robot travel back in time to the King Arthur’s court. Yes, another one of those movies. But this one is so badly done. The story, the effects, the acting, and really just about everything is so cheesy. And was it really necessary and appropriate to have a lady magazine in the movie?!? And it wasn’t just seen, it was a constant joke/prop/whatever throughout the entire movie. Yeah, it was bad. We didn’t like this movie at all.


Disneynature and flamingos! This one is definitely an interesting one to watch. I had no idea some flamingos lived like this. On the land of a temporarily dried salty lake in Africa. Crazy. I don’t know why I always just picture them in the tropical Florida greenery. The best part of this movie was when the group of flamingos walks together like a squad strolling into the party knowing they are all that. Like most Disneynature films, it is good to see at least once. Check it out if you haven’t already.


A man goes far north in order to study and research wolves in the wild. While he spends most his time alone, he is helped a couple times by some local Natives. His goal is to see if the wolves are responsible for the drastic drop in the caribou population. It was an interesting watch. At times it felt a little long, but all in all, they did a good job keeping you entertained watching someone watch wolves. the wolves were obviously the best part of the movie.


Air Bud is back and this time is on the little sister’s baseball team. But this is an Air Bud movie so along with the sports side of the story, you have the “someone trying to ruin everything” story. This time a couple of guys are using a raccoon to kidnap Buddy’s grown puppies for their own purposes. Yes, the movie is far-fetched, ridiculous and cheesy but it wasn’t too bad once you took it for what it was. It turned out to be easier to get through than we thought it was going to be. Kids will probably enjoy this movie but adults can give it a pass.


Waking Sleeping Beauty is a documentary about the time of Disney animation coming back to life in the late 80s and into the 90s. Disney hit a slump in animation in the 60s and 70s and this movie explains why and how they got out of it. It is an interesting story for any Disney fan out there. However, it isn’t a movie for all. Young kids will most likely get bored fast. We are glad to have seen it as we love learning about Disney history, but isn’t one we would have to watch every so often.


Yes! Finally!! I have been a huge fan of The Incredibles since day one. In fact, it is my favorite Pixar film, so I have been aching for the sequel. Of course, when you are in such anticipation for a movie to come out, it can often disappoint your expectations. But oh boy did The Incredibles 2 deliver! This movie was, well, incredible!! In keeping with the theme of the first one, this is about a family first and superheroes second. I love how real these characters are. The scene where Helen and Bob are sitting by the motel pool discussing what to do next for their family? Wow. This movie takes place right after the first one, we get to see the Parr family learning to really embrace themselves as a superhero family and learn how to deal with their new lives. Seriously, this movie is great. Elastigirl is the best!, Jack-Jack is freaking awesome and the villain is legit super creepy. YOU NEED TO SEE THIS MOVIE!

WALT & EL GRUPO (2008)

We were excited to watch this movie. It’s a documentary that tells the story of Walt and a group of filmmakers that travel to South America to do research for an upcoming animated film. We think this movie could have been really good if they cut down the length. There is a lot of time spent on showing pictures and just listening to music. While the pictures are interesting, it makes the movie feel so long when we are constantly breaking for a slide show. We just want to get back to the story. And although the story itself was interesting, since we felt like the film dragged, it made it hard to get through. We actually stopped the movie to take a break and had to come back later to finish it. We are glad we have seen it, but it isn’t one we think all need to check out.


Oh wow, this movie was bad. A dad is feeling overprotective about his daughter who is about to go to college, so he pretty much follows her around. And that’s it. It was so boring because it felt like there was no story, no arc, and no point. It really was just watching this father follow his daughter and her friends. There is the occasional problem caused by the dad that has to be resolved but nothing saved us from the pure boredom we felt. Not even a young Kurt Russell. Do yourself a favor and continue living life never having seen this movie. If you have seen it, I’m sorry.