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Yes! Finally!! I have been a huge fan of The Incredibles since day one. In fact, it is my favorite Pixar film, so I have been aching for the sequel. Of course, when you are in such anticipation for a movie to come out, it can often disappoint your expectations. But oh boy did The Incredibles 2 deliver! This movie was, well, incredible!! In keeping with the theme of the first one, this is about a family first and superheroes second. I love how real these characters are. The scene where Helen and Bob are sitting by the motel pool discussing what to do next for their family? Wow. This movie takes place right after the first one, we get to see the Parr family learning to really embrace themselves as a superhero family and learn how to deal with their new lives. Seriously, this movie is great. Elastigirl is the best!, Jack-Jack is freaking awesome and the villain is legit super creepy. YOU NEED TO SEE THIS MOVIE!

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