Expedition China follows more the story of the filmmakers as they were filming footage for the upcoming Disneynature film, Born in China. We see what the filmmakers had to do in order to get the footage of panda bears and monkeys in the wild. We see how they lived and the patience they had in order to catch rare glimpses of animals in China. This movie was pretty interesting. It was great to see the effort it takes in making a nature documentary. We definitely recommend seeing this especially if you have already seen Born in China.


Disney’s original attempt at A Wrinkles In Time was not the greatest. We were able to get through it but it isn’t one we ever need to watch again. The acting was fine and the effects weren’t too bad for a TV movie, but the ending was weird and just overall we were a bit bored. We just aren’t fans of the movie adaptations. Perhaps this means I need to read the book to truly get it.


Dexter Riley is back at it again at Medville College. This time he created a liquid that makes you invisible. Dexter wants to use the invention to get money for the College and its science program. Of course, someone else finds out about it and wants it for their own gain. Yes, this one kept us entertained even though it isn’t as good as the first movie, The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes. It was fun to see once and we wouldn’t be opposed to seeing it again.


Ugh, another Buddies movie. At least this one wasn’t as bad as Treasure Buddies, but it was close. The Buddies get superpowers when they put one five alien power rings. They must make sure the rings get back to the alien princess before an evil alien steals them for himself. Yes, this movie is ridiculous and dumb. It isn’t good. But since we would rather watch this one over Treasure Buddies, we gave it an extra 1/2 point.

102 DALMATIANS (2000)

Yes, Glenn Close is amazing as Cruella De Vil. But if you want to see how amazing she is as Cruella, just stick with watching her in 101 Dalmatians. There was no need for this one. Cruella goes to a prison/psych ward where she is eventually “cured” of her hatred for animals and killing them for their fur. But when the Big Ben bell rings, it messes with her mind and sends her back to her evil ways. So yes there are cute puppies but then is also an annoying talking parrot that thinks it’s a dog. Sorry puppies, but there is no need to watch you in this movie.

OLD DOGS (2009)

It’s been thousands of years since the Pevensie children were in Narnia. Now an evil King sits on the throne. The Pevensie children are called back to Narnia where they team up with Prince Caspian, the rightful ruler of Narnia. They must fight the evil and restore peace to the land. In our opinion, we prefer the first Narnia movie compared to this one. We liked it OK. It was still entertaining but just didn’t grab you like the first one. It’s worth at least a one-time viewing.


Can it get worse than Space Buddies? YES, Treasure Buddies!!! This one has been the worst Buddies movie by far. Edward Herrmann, why oh why did you do this movie?!? The Buddies go to Egypt where they must search for Cleocatra’s necklace before an evil cat gets it first. That is not a typo…it is Cleocatra. Oh wow, this one was hard to get through. The effects, the story, the character was all just laughable. Nothing was interesting or entertaining about it. I am sure kids will like the movie especially if they like the other Buddies movies. We recommend everyone avoid this one completely.


Dick Van Dyke stars as an actor who gets mistaken for a hitman and gets mixed up into a world of mobsters, heists, and murder. But for something titled Never a Dull Moment, there certainly were dull moments. Although we love Dick Van Dyke, this movie definitely wasn’t one of his bests. The scene in the art museum took forever. Why does some chase scene have to be or at least feel like 20 minutes long? The movie had its fun Dick Van Dyke moments but overall it felt long and got boring.


I remember going to see this movie in the theater when it first came out. The theater was filled with baby boomers who all hollered and clapped when the Lone Ranger first said “Hi-Yo Silver! Away!” So if you are a fan of the original TV series, maybe you would really enjoy thi  s movie. Or maybe you would hate it because it’s nothing like. It was a fine enough action movie but overall a bit of a disappointment. It was trying to be like Indiana Jones. A big epic and comedic action movie, but it just didn’t pull it off as well. Fine enough to have seen at least once, but we don’t need to see it again.


A compilation of Disney’s early nature films shows various animals from around the world. If you like nature films then you will enjoy this. Walt Disney really invented the nature documentary as he was fascinated with animals and often filmed them in order to learn how to animate them. Since this movie is a compilation it keeps your interest well and does have some cool shots. While it isn’t a movie you need to watch over and over, if you get a chance to see it then I say do it.