The Buddies are baaaaack. This time they somehow get on a spaceship that goes to the moon. A company is trying to make space travel accessible to all and just before a test flight takes off, the Buddies board the ship. The Buddies must listen to a ferret back on Earth in order to fly the ship safely home. Yeah, this one is just too far-fetched for us. At least with the other Buddies movies, you could accept that it was somehow possible. This movie is just ridiculous. The more Buddies movies they too, the dumber they get.


It’s been thousands of years since the Pevensie children were in Narnia. Now an evil King sits on the throne. The Pevensie children are called back to Narnia where they team up with Prince Caspian, the rightful ruler of Narnia. They must fight the evil and restore peace to the land. In our opinion, we prefer the first Narnia movie compared to this one. We liked it OK. It was still entertaining but just didn’t grab you like the first one. It’s worth at least a one-time viewing.


A teen girl’s wish is to have a horse of her very own, something her father cannot afford. When her dad needs to come up with a marketing campaign for the pill, Aspercel, he sees an opportunity to solve both problems. He buys his daughter a horse and names him Aspercel. Now he just needs to get his daughter to win some jumping championships so the horse and the pill can gain popularity. Yeah, it does sound a bit crazy and it was. but all in all, it wasn’t too bad. There were times when the movie dragged on a bit but the story was interesting enough.

EARTH (2009)

In this Disneynature film, we follow 3 different animal families, African elephants, polar bears, and humpback whales. We discover how they live, migrate and survive in their unique habitats. This one was really entertaining. Following three different species kept the movie interesting. But warning, if you are an animal lover, there are moments that may make you teary. Overall, this movie is very informative, beautifully shot and entertaining. Go and check it out if you haven’t already.


Kurt Russel stars in the first of three movies that follows the adventures of Dexter Riley at Medville College. In this one, an accident in a computer lab gives Dexter the brain of a computer. He can now learn and retain any information instantly. He uses this new skill to help benefit the college but there is a downside. Dexter’s new fame causes strains on his friendships and he doesn’t know it yet, but he now also knows some vital information that was stored in the computer that will prove some illegal business has been going on. The movie was interesting and we enjoyed it. There was a time or two the movie dragged a little bit, like the apparently much-needed car chase scene that Disney always had to have in this time period. It was a fun little movie however and we liked it.


J.T.T.!! Yes, the 90s were a grand time to be a preteen girl. J.T.T. was popping up in lots of projects and was oh-so-cute. Here he stars as the famous Tom Sawyer. Tom and Huck are best friends who witness a murder. They swear an oath to each other to never tell but if they don’t an innocent man will be hanged. The movie follows their adventures as Tom and Huck look for evidence and try to save their own skin as well as the wrongly accused. This movie is just fun and entertaining. It is well cast with a good, humorous and exciting story. It’s a good one to watch every once in a while. And you can’t ever go wrong with J.T.T. You just can’t.


The Buddy puppies sneak into an ice cream truck that turns out to be a shipment headed to Alaska. How 5 puppies managed not to die in a freezer on a flight to Alaska? I don’t know. Anyway, once in Alaska they meet a Huskie puppy and help him and his little boy owner enter the big dog sled race. Yeah, the story is pretty far fetched and they only get worse as the Buddies movies go on, but at least this one is still somewhat believable. Kids will love the movie and that is about it.

BIG RED (1962)

A man buys a dog with the intent of training it to be a top winning show dog. Soon after he hires an orphan boy to exercise and care for him. Over time the dog, named Red, grows to love and obey the boy instead of his master. This causes the boy and the dog to be separated and the troubles begin. This was a movie that neither one of us had heard of before. We weren’t sure what to expect but we ended up enjoying it. The story was interesting and the young boy in the lead role was able to carry the movie quite well. Young kids may get bored with this at times since it is a slower paced film, but they could also enjoy it if they gave it a chance. This turned out to be a movie we are glad to have seen and wouldn’t mind watching it again in the future.


We need another Air Bud movie. What sport haven’t we done? Ah yes, volleyball. Or at least that is how I imagined it went down in the production office. Yes, Buddy is back again and this time he helps out the sister’s volleyball team. It pretty much has the same structure as the other movies: Buddy plays and helps the team win while some wackos are up to some kind of criminal activity. This is actually the last Air Bud movie and then they started to make the Buddies films. The movie is fine enough and kids will be entertained but if you only ever see the original Air Bud, then you are just fine.