A Native girl decides against all odds to enter the big horse race. That’s about it. I am all about this girl going up against all these white men and proving them wrong. However, the movie dragged and was pretty predictable. We saw it once, we made it through, it was fine and now it is done. The end.


Tim Burton does his own take on Frankenstein when a young boy’s dog, his very best friend, dies and is brought back to life. The problem arises when Victor’s schoolmates find out what he can do and they each want a chance to bring back their former pets from the dead. It is a fun movie to watch with the kiddos, during Halloween time especially. But be warned, I had young nieces and nephews watch this and get pretty scared. If you have kids who are sensitive to scary movies or younger than 8ish or so, this may be too much for them. I’m a big Tim Burton fan and think while this isn’t one of the very best of his. it’s entertaining and worth checking out if you haven’t.


After years and years of trying to have a child of their own, a heartbroken couple writes all the traits of their ideal child and buries it in a box in their garden. After a crazy rainstorm, a young boy arrives from the garden to be their son and happens to embody all the traits they wrote down and buried. This movie is a pretty good one and we think it’s worth checking out. The messages that Timothy teaches are ones that everyone should learn. It’s a nice feel-good movie to watch on a rainy day.


Our last Buddies movie! Yay! Until they make another one I guess. This one was pretty dumb in the world of the Buddies. The young pups come across a ghost puppy in a haunted house. He is trapped there by a demon ghost dog, who itself is trapped in some other dimension or whatever. It’s way beyond ridiculous but I guess kids must love these movies because they keep making them. So I guess if you have young kids, put on this movie to keep them entertained during the Halloween season while you go off and do anything else except watch the Treasure Buddies¬†movie. That one is still the worst.


The third sequel of the Aladdin franchise from back in the day when Disney was all about straight to video sequels. Aladdin reunited with his dad. That’s right his DAD! Aladdin’s dad is the leader of the 40 thieves. The plus about this movie is that Robin Williams is back as the Genie and Aladdin’s dad is a silver side-burns fox. The animation is pretty cheap and rushed and the story is pretty cheesy, but if you are a fan of Aladdin it may be worth the watch. We are sure kids will love it despite not being the best of quality.


Oof. This one was hard to get through. It was boring and felt like it went on forever. Thomasina is a cat beloved most by her owner, a little girl named Mary. When it seems Thomasina dies, unable to be saved by Mary’s father, the town veterinarian, Mary is beyond distraught. The family is torn apart. Can a young beautiful witch save Thomasina and repair the family? We weren’t fans. The saving grace of this movie is the actors who play Jane and Michael in Mary Poppins¬†are in it and we think they are cute. But other than that, this movie was just plain boring.


Emil is a boy on his way to see his grandmother in Berlin and bringing her some money. While on the bus he is given candy that puts him to sleep. When he wakes up he realized he was robbed by the man who gave him candy and now he must find him and get the money back. He meets a group of kids who fancy themselves detectives and together they concoct a plan to recover the money and bring the thieves to justice. I know what you are thinking, “What?! A boy was drugged in this movie?!” Yep. But while that fact is pretty messed up, the movie as a whole turned out to be better than we thought it was going to be. While it was no Goonies, it was kinda fun to watch these group of kids take on adult criminals.