Kurt Russell is back at it again with his college group of friends as they accidentally discover yet another incredible, against the laws of nature, discovery. This time Kurt Russell’s character now can have brute strength. Of course some people want the discovery all to themselves for the wrong reasons, and then trouble ensues. With each of these movies they become less believable and harder to swallow. The first one wasn’t bad but you can only retell the same story so many times. We are glad we checked it out and saw it once, and now it’s done.


This movie is great. Who wouldn’t want to watch a movie that has a scene with ALL the Disney princesses in it? That scene was truly great! The movie was a wonderful sequel where Venelope is ready for some change and something new and exciting. While she and Ralph scour the internet to find a replacement part for her game, she discovers her exciting new dream. During the end, there was a moment that seemed to drag on for a bit too long. That same scene also scared a couple young kids I know, but overall definitely a movie that deserves a viewing.


Condorman is an Indiana Jones wannabe if you ask us. It takes place in the 40s during WW2, there are Nazis and even a dirigible. Woody becomes Condorman after he discovers a jetpack and uses it to fly around and fight the evil forces of the world. Apparently Disney wanted to try and make this a thing but it didn’t catch on, and we can see why. We recommend just watching Indiana take on the bad guys instead of watching this. But it was fine to have seen it once.

HOUNDED (2001)

Ugh. This movie. It was probably the worst of the all DCOMs. The whole thing was utterly ridiculous. The story wasn’t at all believable and the characters weren’t anybody we wanted to root for. There are so many good and decent DCOMs out there, please don’t waste your time with this one.


This movie was so weird and so random. While I don’t ever need to see it again, it was fine to have seen once and try to figure out this crazy scavenger hunt game that they were playing, but it was crazy. We got to a point where we wondered if it would ever come to an end. So…it did. In case you were wondering.


While Clara is at a Christmas party, she discovers another world of nutcrackers and sugar plum fairies. This movie re-imagines the classic ballet in a new way. It wasn’t bad and I liked the “take charge” attitude that Clara eventually took on to save the day. But overall, it was just OK. There were a couple creepy moments that may scare the little kiddos, so watch out for that. But this movie is worth a view during the holiday season if you feel so inclined.

LIFE SIZE (2000)

When Casey tries a spell to bring her dead mother back to life, she brings her doll, Eve, to life instead. Casey and Eve must figure out a way to get Eve back to doll world before it’s too late. Alright so really, this movie isn’t the greatest, but it is a total guilty pleasure. I mean, you got Lindsay Lohan and Tyra Banks singing “shine bright shine far” and telling me to be the star that I am. Really the movie is pretty cheesy. But it can make for a good time.


A young boy on summer vacation just wants to make and film his own movie. While location scouting he gets all mixed up with some crooks and their trouble. The movie was fine to check out and watch one time. It was kind of slow and we did get a little bored. If you are a fan of 70s made-for-TV movies, then go ahead and check this out, otherwise no need.


A remake of the original Shaggy Dog, except this one has Scott Weinger aka the voice of Aladdin aka Steve from Full House. And this one is worse than the original. It was a made for TV movie so the production value wasn’t as high. There have just been a lot of Shaggy dogs and we are running out of steam for them. If you want to watch a Shaggy Dog movie, then stick with the original or the Tim Allen remake, but don’t go looking for this one.