POPEYE (1980)

Oh no. Just oh no. This movie was awful! Listen, Robin Williams’ impersonation of Popeye was spot on. He was great. But the movie was awful! The story didn’t flow, or always make much sense and when it did. The musical numbers were terrible and the characters were annoying. This was one of the hardest, most cringe-worthy movies we have had to sit through. Please never ever see this movie.


Have you ever seen this version of Dickens’s classic tale? It is creepy! This was one of the first movies that explored the technology of animation from dots on the actors face. The actor’s act out the scenes while covered in suits and dots on their face that track and animate their movements into CGI. It is interesting to watch and see the results of this kind of animation, but this movie is a bit intense for the kids. I had nieces and nephews get scared while watching it. It is a good one to check out once and not a bad one to watch again, but we also think there are better versions of A Christmas Carol out there.


When you hear they are going to make a sequel to a classic such as Mary Poppins, you get excited and also a little worried. But this movie was magical. Emily Blunt was brilliant as the practically perfect in every way nanny. The movie was able to be similar enough to the original so that the story fit and it was believed to be in the same world but also different enough that you didn’t feel as though it was a copy. The music feels reminiscent of the classic songs we all love from the first movie. While this movie looks, sounds and is acted beautifully, I don’t know that it will ever be a classic like the original. It definitely is worth checking out of you haven’t already.


A documentary about different families throughout America. This films shows how vastly different people’s lives can be living in the same country. This movie had a good potential of being quite interesting but it fell a little short. It felt long, and we got a little bored, but it did have some very beautiful imagery. Worth perhaps a one time viewing.


The super sleuth gang is back and this time they need to save Christmas! Now we love Winnie the Pooh and all his friends, but this movie was not good. It was predictable and boring and dumb. You mean to tell me there will be no Christmas because this baby reindeer, Holly, got lost looking for Santa’s magical sack that fell from his sleigh? Where is Santa and the other reindeer? Why aren’t they also looking for the sack? So the gang helps her find the sack but now need to help her get to the north pole. And everybody gets to go except Kanga. Why does Kanga always have to stay behind?!? Moms can go on adventures too! There are other Winnie the Pooh Christmas movies out there and you are better off watching them.


This man has one job: to find the perfect tree to place in Rockefeller Center for Christmas. He finds the perfect one on a plot of land that happens to be owned by the nuns and their commune. One nun in particular is extremely attached to the tree. It it has given her much protection and comfort throughout her life. She cares for and tends to it every day and it is pretty much her best friend. Will she give up her best friend to be the famous Christmas tree in New York City? Yep, that is what this movie is about. It was fine enough to watch once. The story was unique and different enough to keep us wondering what was going to happen. Kids would probably get pretty bored since it is an all talk type of movie.

LIFE-SIZE 2 (2018)

Now as girls who remember the first Life-Size coming out, and enjoy that flick, we were intrigued with the thought of a sequel. Where will the story go? What has become of Eve. Well…it’s best to stick with the original. The movie was way to predictable and tried too hard to be funny and fun and it just didn’t quite hit it. There were a couple of moments that made us laugh and reminded us of the original. If you are a fan of the original then check it out for fun but don’t expect too much. And no, Lindsay Lohan was not in this movie.


During WW2, a man tries to save his pure bred white stallion Lipizzaner horses from the Soviet Army. The horses are at the Spanish Riding School in Vienna. For centuries, the riding school has been training this kind of horse for show. It’s a grand and beloved tradition of the area. The movie follows as this man does all he can to save the horses and the tradition of the school and even seeks the help of US General Patton. Watching the horses perform was actually really interesting, but the movie as a whole was a bit slow and boring. It may be worth a watch just to learn about the horses and the riding school, but not a must.


Santa’s dog, Paws, is now a dad. His four puppies each want their own magic crystal like their dad has. One pup decides to prove he is ready for his magic crystal by traveling to a Christmas loving town and start granting Christmas wishes with a crystal he stole. But all goes wrong when he accidentally grants a boys wish that the Christmas spirit would just disappear. Another cheesy movie that probably only young kids would like. There are better Christmas movies out there.