Don Knotts and Tim Conway return as the fumbling crooks in this sequel. The duo, who is now trying to be good, run into trouble when they are mistaken for robbing the bank. It is a slapstick comedy that was purely written for Knotts and Conway to perform their physical comedy. So I don’t know why it’s called the Apple Dumpling Gang Rides Again when really only these two guys return. But although Knotts and Conway are great comedians, this movie just wasn’t good and not necessary. It was annoying to watch just the comedic relief for a whole movie. Just stick with the first movie and leave this one alone.


A Disneynature film this time following animals that were…well born in China. This movie has pandas! I mean, who doesn’t love pandas! It also follows a snow leopard family and monkeys. It is really interesting like all the Disneynature films. The patience the filmmakers had to have to capture the moments they did is amazing. It’s a beautiful film worthy of a watch.


A Disneynature film all about the necessity of winged creatures such as bees, butterflies, birds and bats. It teaches about the important roles they play along with flowers and plants with pollinating the world. Another film with beautiful imagery and scenes of nature I would never have seen otherwise. Like the nocturnal bats eating the cactus fruit in the moonlight. Go ahead an get in a watch. It’s a good one.


This was definitely a not needed sequel. The movie is three different stories in one. I guess it was going to be a TV series that never came to pass and so they mushed three episodes into a movie. But watching a movie that has three separate story arcs is annoying. And each of the stories wasn’t very interesting. It was a tough one to get through and we don’t recommend it to anyone. There are much better movies out there.


A man named Lincoln jumps ship after he was attacked, and washes up on a Hawaiian farmland. The widow and her son who own the farm are having trouble surviving as farmers. wild cattle keep destroying their crops. Lincoln has the idea to farm the cattle instead. The story follows Lincoln teaching the lady and her native workers how to start and run the cattle ranch. This movie had a lot of talk. Not a must see at all. But it was interesting watching them try to transport cows across water. But I did feel so bad and started worrying about those cows.


Having liked the animated series this is based off, we were excited for the live action movie. And we think they did a pretty good job. They stuck pretty true to the flow and humor of the series. Like the high school sign outside always having some funny statement on it. We loved the cameo by Christy Carlson Romano, the original voice of Kim Possible. And we think Sean Giambrone as Kim’s best friend Ron was perfect casting! He was great. While it definitely had some cheesy moments overall it is a pretty good DCOM and we recommend checking it out, especially if you are fans of the original series.

SMITH! (1969)

A Native American is accused of killing a white man so he flees to the ranch of Smith, a white man known to be friends with the Native Americans. Smith promises to help the man and will act as defense witness for him in court. This movie was interesting enough to want to see how it would all turn out. It was a little slow and we think kids and even some adults will get bored.