DUMBO (2019)

The live action remake of the animated classic, Dumbo does a pretty good job. It’s close enough to the original but different enough to make it it’s own thing. Yes, I still cried when Dumbo was separated from his mother. That scene will always be so heartbreaking to me. It is definitely worth a view especially if you are a Disney or a Tim Burton fan.


Finally I have seen where the The Spectrum Song is from! Red yellow green red blue blue blue…I could go on but won’t for your sake. Melissa loved watching this as a kid and honestly, I can see why. It’s fun and a little crazy all while being informative. And it’s all taught by Ludwig von Drake! A zany not as well known Disney duck. I think it is one that all Disney fans need to see at least once in their lifetime. We quite enjoyed it.


We love ourselves a good Walt Disney biopic and are willing to watch any and all of them. That being said, we do think there are better ones out there then this one. While not terrible, it was pretty basic. So maybe if you haven’t watched a documentary on Walt’s life before, this would be a good one to start with. Especially since it is narrated by legend Dick Van Dyke. But seeing as we have seen a few of them, this didn’t really give a anything new. It is definitely one to check one at least once.