The boy who voiced Peter Pan stars in this movie as a boy who gets a black lamb that causes all sorts of problems. But the boy loves his lamb and will do all he can to prove to everyone that he is a prize lamb worthy of life. This movie was okay enough. Another movie that felt a little slow but kept us interested enough to want to see how it would end. No need to seek out to see but if you want to, go for it.

OCEANS (2009)

A Disneynature film that’s about, you guessed it, the ocean. Like all Disneynature films this one of beautiful. The images they are able to capture is fantastic. They are informative and bring you a world that you may not ever see otherwise. Depending on your kids, they may get bored. But it actually is pretty interesting and we recommend checking it out at least once.


Another movie during the era when Disney cranked out sequels of classics straight to DVD. This movie is about Lady and Tramp’s son, Scamp who dreams of being a street dog. Like how the Ariel’s daughter dreamed of the sea, apparently all kids just want exactly the opposite of what their parents want and have. Actually…that is probably pretty true in a lot of cases. Anyway, this movie is a bit cheesy and the songs aren’t that good. Kids will probably enjoy it but it isn’t one you need to seek out to watch.