Based on a real guy, Rob Roy leads the McGregor clan against King George I’s forces who have wronged him and banned his clan from using their name. Now young kids will probably be so bored of this movie. It’s a lot of talk and a lot of war fighting. But not quick cuts and tons of action fighting. While not one of the worst films we’ve seen doing this journey, it isn’t one of the good ones either. But hey, the Mary Poppins mom is in this movie. So there’s that.

THE SHAGGY D.A. (1976)

The teenage boy from The Shaggy Dog is now grown up, married and has a kid of his own. While running to be elected District Attorney, the ring that once transformed him into a dog has been stolen and the incantation inscribed in it read out loud again. Now in the middle of his campaign, Wilby is once again being transformed into a shaggy dog. Let the shenanigans begin. This movie may have it’s moments but we recommend just sticking with the original. It’s not nearly as good and at this point the story of man turning into dog is just too repetitive.


Bob goes to live in the northern wilderness and ends up taking care of 3 bear cubs after their mother is killed. This causes problems with the natives in the area as they believe the bears need to be set free or there will be a curse on their land. Bob has every intention to set the bears free, but they keep coming back to him and causing problems. The bears not being free means that tragedy has plagued their land. That is when the government comes in to tell if their plans to make the land a national park and the natives need to leave. It was an interesting enough movie and the bears were pretty cute. It is heartbreaking to watch a story about natives getting pushed off their own land they have had for centuries. I think it’s one that people could try once if they want to. Once was good enough for us.


This movie is about a guy named Justin Morgan…who had a horse. It actually is based on a real man who accepted two young colts as a payment for a debt. One of the colts grew up into a great horse, and so started breeding for the Morgan horse. The movie was a little slow but good for a one time viewing. Maybe only a must see if you are a die hard horse fan.


Being a fan of the original Maleficent, I was very excited to see her get her own movie. Finally people were able to say and remember the name of my favorite villain! I came out of this movie really liking it. Now some people hate the fact that it is so different from the animated Sleeping Beauty, but I think it is an interesting take on the classic story. If you look at it as it’s own thing, it’s a great movie. Angelina Jolie is great as the title character. This version presents a whole new side of Maleficent. And yes, I still will always pick greened skin Maleficent over this version, but it still is worth a watch and one I like to go back to every once in a while.