GUS (1976)

A movie about a football team who uses a donkey to kick field goals for them. Now the normally losing team begins to win. So another sports movie where the team uses something or other to basically cheat but everyone is fine with it for some reason. And how does a football team win by just getting field goals? I mean, if your team was so bad before and couldn’t score or stop the other team from scoring, how are field goals the answer? Ah well, it’s not a good movie. Best to leave this one alone.

TOY STORY 4 (2019)

The toys are back! This time Woody gets lost while on vacation when he tries to save Forky, Bonnie’s new toy she made herself on her first day of school. It was another good installment of the Toy Story universe. It makes you laugh and introduces some great new characters, both good and bad. The best part about this movie, in my opinion, is that Bo Peep has returned!! And she is awesome. While I am still unsure of the ending, it still is worth a watch. And although it’s not as good as the first two movies, it’s on line with how we feel about the third movie. If you love the Toy Story movies, you will enjoy this one. But caution bringing the young ones, I heard about children who were scared of the ventriloquist dummies…as was I!


Oh no. This movie was so hard to get through. Perhaps lots of things got lost in translation as it’s a foreign film that has english dubbed over, but this movie was just bad. The story had no flow and just seemed to jump from one thing to the next. At moments things just didn’t quite make sense and we felt lost. And the magic gourd? He was annoying. I do not recommend this movie at all. It was not good.