Every once in a while, you watch a movie that you can tell is purely made for the lead actor to star in. This was the case of this movie. You can tell the film was made for Jim Dale to show off his slapstick comedy. Sometimes movies catered to actors turn out just awful, but in this case, it was fine. While it didn’t leave us jumping to our feet wanting to recommend the movie for all to see, we were surprised by how much we did like it. The movie is just meant to be fun. Jim Dale stars as Eli, a man who comes to town after learning about the death of his long-lost father. He also discovers he has a twin brother, also played by Dale, who is the town troublemaker. The two must compete to see who will inherit the town. It is a fun watch if you haven’t seen it and while we don’t have to see it again we wouldn’t hate it if it were on.


Ratatouille is a movie about a food-loving rat, Remy, who defies natures law that rats must steal and eat garbage or whatever they can find. Remy wants to be a chef. When he is separated from his rat pack, his dream comes true when he ends up in Paris and teams up with Linguini, a human who can not cook. Together the two become a sensation at the one-time greatest restaurant in Paris. I get the point of the story. They really want to stress the idea that anyone can be anything they want despite who they are or where they may have come from. And we 100% agree with this. But let’s be honest, raise of hands of who would eat a meal that was cooked and prepared by a rat. I love rats. I really do. My 6th-grade class had a pet rat and I took it home over the holidays. I loved it. But if that rat made me dinner, not sure I would be so willing to eat it. Maybe. I will have to see if the opportunity ever presents itself. This movie is pretty good though and one we like to watch every once in a while. Because of this movie, I know what good bread is supposed to sound like.


Did you ever think that Blackbeard the pirate, college track and field, old ladies and gangsters would be part of the same story? Well, it’s possible because all those things are in this movie. Yes, this movie is pretty random but overall it’s pretty interesting. While some parts of the movie were slow and long, they were countered with other parts that were hilarious and had us laughing out loud. Hard. This movie is pretty unique and while I think some of the younger kids may get bored, it is one to check out if you haven’t ever seen it before. If you never get to seeing it, that is OK, but let me just say one thing you will be missing out on. Finger guns. You’re interested now, aren’t you?



Two brothers discover a hurt seal at the beach and nurse it back to health. When summer is over and it’s time to return home, the brothers decide to bring their new pet home… without telling Mom and Dad. Of course, the seal gets loose and causes all kinds of trouble around the neighborhood. Even though the seal is pretty cute, but the movie felt long. The scene where they are all swimming in the pool could’ve been cut down drastically. That went on forever. The movie was fine for one-time viewing, but I don’t need to see it again and wouldn’t recommend that others need to unless you want to relive the 60s.


Simba’s daughter, Kiara, now must learn about the circle of life and prepare for the day when she will be Queen. Kiara is hesitant about her destined life and even more so after she meets Kovu, a cub from the banished pride who once followed Scar. The movie is not great but young kids will be plenty entertained. There were a couple moments that made us laugh and we were entertained enough since we wanted to see what become of our beloved Lion King characters, but the movie fell flat and we were left a bit disappointed.


We love this ride at the Disney Parks so we were ready to watch the movie and pick out all the references to this ride. And while that was fun, the movie overall is just sub-par. I don’t understand the storyline they chose to go with. Why did it have to be all about some love story? And why did it involve the mom the way it did? Weird. It started out interesting but as the story unfolded it lost us. I mean, they left out the ax murdering bride! She is the creepiest thing of the ride! If you are a fan of the ride then I say check out the movie but you don’t need to.

MR. BOOGEDY (1986)

Sometimes movies are just bad and painful to watch. You sit there and wonder how your life has lead you to this moment. Then there are movies that are bad but so incredibly fun to mock. If you and your friends love to watch and mock bad movies, this is a good one! Sit back and laugh at the hilarity of this completely absurd movie. The acting, the story. It is all crazy. It was a made for TV movie so it is only 46 min long. Now we don’t recommend that you need to see this movie, just that if you do watch it to make sure you are with people that can laugh about it with you.


The Disney Animation Studios movie that either people have never heard of or forget about. As Disney fans, it was interesting to check out this little-known movie but we can see why it has disappeared into oblivion. The movie is not great. We never get to know these characters very well that we go on this journey with. If you were to ask me to name just one character from the movie, I couldn’t. The bad guy in this movie is legit though. He is creepy and I think young kids would be scared of him. If you are a Disney fan and haven’t seen this movie then I say go ahead and check it out. Otherwise…pass.


Ever watch a movie and suddenly you realized you are halfway through it and still don’t even know what is happening or why? That is this movie. It is just one random event after the other but none of it seems to actually make any sense or fit together. I understand it is a “hero’s journey” type of movie where while on their big quest they have many crazy adventures, but it just seemed so random here. There was no flow. And we got lost and very, very bored. I don’t think there is any way any kid would last even halfway through this movie. Redeeming factor is the fact that we kept wanting to watch to see if this would pick up and get any better. It didn’t.


This story takes place months after Dorothy has returned to Kansas from Oz. Everyone thinks she is crazy since she can’t sleep and keeps talking about Oz and all the people in it. Aunt Em, thinking she is helping, takes Dorothy to a psych ward in hopes that Dorothy can be cured and be happy once again. Dorothy is saved from the crazy doctor and nurse by a mysterious girl and is taken back to Oz where she is needed to save it. The movie was interesting enough. We wanted to see where the story would go and how it would end, but it was weird. The new friends Dorothy meets on this journey aren’t as lovable and a bit annoying. This movie is also a bit on the darker and disturbing side which isn’t always a bad thing, just a fair warning if you show it to the kids. Overall we weren’t fans but fine with having seen it once.