Another Disney Freaky Friday? Yep. But this one sings! This DCOM is based on the play that was based on the movie that was based on the book. Phew. I don’t know how we missed it, but we had no idea this movie was going to be a musical until we were watching it and suddenly the girl starting singing. At first, we were really confused and couldn’t get over the fact of “this is a musical??”. But once we calmed down and accepted that this wasn’t like the Freaky Friday of our youth, it wasn’t too bad. There were a couple of things we thought were weird and wondered why it was changed that way but overall it’s an okay watch. We think it actually grew on us more after we watched it. We do think that this is one that kids will really enjoy and we recommend it for them for sure.


Ugh, another Buddies movie. At least this one wasn’t as bad as Treasure Buddies, but it was close. The Buddies get superpowers when they put one five alien power rings. They must make sure the rings get back to the alien princess before an evil alien steals them for himself. Yes, this movie is ridiculous and dumb. It isn’t good. But since we would rather watch this one over Treasure Buddies, we gave it an extra 1/2 point.