Phineas and Ferb has always been funny and cleverly written so we were excited for a new movie. It did not disappoint. Candace is kidnapped and taken to an alien planet. Phineas and Ferb must think of a way to rescue her and save the world. And that is what they’re gonna do today! If you are a fan of Phineas and Ferb, you will love this movie as you do the show and the other TV movie. If you have not ever seen Phineas and Ferb, you should check it out. It is pretty good.


Oh, this movie was bad. We were actually looking forward to it because of the Pitch Perfect dude in it (Adam Devine). The concept seemed interesting enough, a summer camp for kids who want to learn to be a magician. But it was just awful. That’s all I need to say.


The imagery is stunning. The costumes are phenomenal. And, of course, Beyonce can sing and perform like it’s nobody’s business. That being said, it’s a movie that I think would be better to watch in pieces as it does start to feel a little long after a while. The movie is a visual album inspired by The Lion King, which Beyonce voiced Nala in the live action remake. If you are a Beyonce fan, you will love it.

HOWARD (2020)

Howard is a documentary about songwriter Howard Ashman who wrote songs for Disney classics The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin. He also wrote the songs for Little Shop of Horrors. He tragically died of AIDS in 1991. This movie covers how he rose to the height of his career as well as the struggles in his personal life and health. It really is an interesting film of a Disney Legend. It isn’t one that I think is a must see for everyone, but if you are a Disney fan, check it out.


A behind the scenes look at the making of the Disneynature film Dolphin Reef. It is always interesting to see what they have to do in order to get the shots they need for documentaries, but this one just wasn’t the most entertaining. We would just prefer to watch the actual documentary instead. But if you do watch Dolphin Reef and like it, it is pretty cool to see more of the dark cave.


A dog with the habit of swiping things takes stolen jewels from a no good gang. Trouble and chaos of course ensue for the dog and his owner. This was a TV movie so it isn’t the best of quality. It got a bit boring but overall it was fine for a one time viewing. No need to make a special effort to see this one, but it’s on Disney+ if you want to check it out.


Neither one of us had seen Hamilton before it was released as a movie on Disney+. I was so excited when I heard about this and was finally able to see what everyone was talking about. This did not disappoint at all! We really enjoyed it. It’s so cleverly written and beautifully performed. Josh Gad at King George was pure magic. Definitely check this out if you haven’t yet.


Oh this movie was bad. I was excited for this one. The trailer did it’s job and made it look very interesting. But the whole thing was just so bad. We were so confused. The story had no flow at all. We have not read the book so maybe those who have would be able to follow the story better, but we were lost. And if you are lost by not having read the books then it is not a good movie. This movie had potential but failed miserably.


Lu, a young orphan, finds a panda cub who has been separated from his mother. Lu tries to protect the cub from some men who aim to poach the panda cub.  This movie wasn’t the worst but it also wasn’t great. Kids would get bored as it is pretty slow and a lot of talk. The story was interesting enough that we were able to get through the movie once, but don’t need to ever see it again.


A boy, Jack, from Boston runs away from home to go to California for the Gold Rush. He hopes to get gold to help pay his family’s debts. Bullwhip, the family butler leaves to find Jack and bring him home safe. This movie is all about the slapstick, physical performances as the characters go on a grand adventure. It is very over the top and silly, but not great. It made us laugh a moment here and there, but it’s mostly just cheesy and ridiculous.