A man named Horace escapes from jail in a Santa suit and later hides out in an apartment building basement. A brother and sister find him and believe him to be the real Santa Clause. Playing off the mistaken identity, Horace persuades the kids along with their friends to help him in retrieving a load of money he has hidden. The kids willing oblige thinking they are helping Santa. The more time Horace spends with the kids and sees all their troubles, the more he learns the true meaning of Christmas. This movie just felt long and we got bored. The character arc of Horace didn’t fully connect for me either. I know they were trying to have him slowly over time learn to do the right thing. But it seemed more to me that one minute he didn’t care, then just did all of a sudden at a time that didn’t quite make sense. There are a lot better Christmas movies out there to bother yourself with this one.


I must admit that I was a Muppet Christmas Carol virgin before this fateful night. Now that I have finally seen it, I am bummed so many Christmases have gone by without having watched this movie. It is, in true Muppet fashion, a hilarious and unique take on such a classic tale. It really is fun and I think will become a Christmas tradition. If you have never seen it and like the Muppets, then I definitely recommend checking this one out right away….when it’s Christmas…or before. Do what you want.


We absolutely love Beauty and the Beast so we were ready to watch this Christmas themed sequel even if it was a straight to video. We were so wrong. So very very wrong. This movie was the worst. THE WORST! When rating this movie we seriously had a hard time with the fact that we were giving a Beauty and the Beast movie a 1, but there was no way around it. We had to do it. It was that awful. The story was stupid, the songs were not good and nothing made sense. This story takes place sometime in the middle of the original. Belle is still a prisoner of the Beasts and they are about to have their first Christmas together. The villain of the movie is an organ. Yep, you read that right. An organ that must keep the Beast depressed and hating Christmas so he will want to listen to the organ’s classical music. Belle is ruining everything by wanting to fill the castle with Christmas cheer. But it is just one of those things where you have to be careful introducing a story that takes place during an already told story because we’re going to get mad if it doesn’t make sense or tries to change the original in any way. And this one just doesn’t make sense. Where was this organ in the original? Why didn’t we ever hear about him? Ok well, I guess we didn’t let’s move past it. Wait…is she wearing her yellow dress at the Christmas party??? No! she can’t have her yellow ball gown at the party! She for sure wore that for the first time when she and Beast finally have their first date and then she leaves the castle to save her father. There was no time for Christmas in between! Anyway, this movie was so bad that even the fact that it was filled with characters we love, it still couldn’t save it in any way. Do yourself a favor and never pollute your eyes with this mess.


The Muppets are all about to go their separate ways for Christmas, much to the dismay of their human friend, Claire. She just wants all her friends to stay so they can all celebrate Christmas together. While the Muppets are helping the post office with the mail, Gonzo accidentally causes three letters to Santa, including Claire’s, to get undelivered and with it being Christmas Eve…well it’s already too late. Letters should have been mailed months ago. Santa needs time people! Anyway, Gonzo convinces Kermit that they must deliver the letters to Santa themselves. While it does have some of the classic Muppet humor, the movie is pretty cheesy and not very entertaining. The young kiddos will like this movie, but we recommend watching A Muppet Christmas Carol to get your Muppet fix during the holidays.


If you have kids that love the Disney Channel show Stuck in the Middle, then they would probably love this movie. Otherwise, you do not to see it. It was only an hour long but we got bored. I mean, don’t get us wrong, we are all for “family vacation/holiday trips gone wrong” but the ridiculous has to be somewhat believable and if not, then at least make it funny and interesting. This movie didn’t have any of that in our opinion. The 1/2 more rating that keeps it from being a flat out 1 comes from the fact that we don’t hate the show the movie comes from or the characters. They are OK so that at least made the movie somewhat bearable…somewhat.



Both Eloise movies turned out to be quite a fun surprise. We enjoyed them and would watch them again. Eloise is quite a character. She definitely makes us laugh. This movie, obviously, is about Christmas at the Plaza and all the festive troubles that Eloise causes. If you are fans of the books or just looking for a fun family movie, the Eloise movies are a good watch.



This movie is about a mother who over the years have lost her Christmas spirit. The holiday has become more of a chore for her. An angel is assigned to with the task of restoring her faith in Christmas and he does so through her daughter.  This movie isn’t the greatest, but it isn’t awful either. Without giving anything away, let me just say, this movie is stressful! We were constantly asking, “Did that really just happen?!?” We were freaking out. If you happen to see it -playing on TV, give it a gander but don’t feel bad if you don’t. Just be warned if you decide to watch with children because there are some truly sad and scary moments.




In the third installment of the Santa Clause movies, Jack Frost is on a mission to steal the job of Santa Clause from Scott Calvin. Meanwhile, Scott’s wife, the new Mrs. Clause, is due to have a baby any minute now. The movie is just an entertaining as the second movie, but not as good as the first. We actually enjoyed this movie better than we remembered. If you enjoyed the first two, then this one will be just as fun.




Oh no. This movie. We did not like it. A girl basically steals what turns out to be Santa’s weather machine and makes it snow in Los Angeles. This causes school to be closed so she doesn’t have to do her homework. Soon the machine and the weather get out of control causing a lot of problems for everyone’s Christmas. The lead girl’s character was so annoying. We get that she was kind of supposed to be, but at some point aren’t we supposed to feel bad for her and want her to learn to be better? Well, we didn’t. The plot was weird and just overall we were bored and just didn’t care about it and how it worked out for the characters. Kids may like this DCOM and so we gave it the extra 1/2 point, but we don’t ever need to see this one again.




This Winnie the Pooh movie just didn’t quite do it for us. It seemed to lack the cute humor that the other Pooh movies have. While we liked the story about Winnie the Pooh becoming Santa because he thinks his friends won’t get anything since the letter to Santa didn’t get to the North Pole. The other stories weren’t as memorable. If the kids enjoy Winnie the Pooh, however, they will like this.