Oh man here we go. Buddies movies have officially begun. Much like Airbud, the movie these spun off from, there are too many Buddies movies. We feel like the CGI to make the puppies mouths movie is unnecessary. It means that every time a dog is talking, there is a single shot of just that character sitting there saying the line. It makes it boring visually whenever there is dialogue with the animals. However it does have one good things going for it. There are puppies in the entire movie. Puppies!

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A movie from the Disney Channel original series Good Luck Charlie. I actually really like this series on Disney Channel. It was one of the rare one these days that is just about a normal crazy family that actually had more than just two kids. None of the kids have super powers or a crazy career or whatever else. It was just a fun series. I feel the same way about the movie. It was fun and has the same weirdo family getting in weirdo situations, but it’s enjoyable. And again, it was time to play “Where In Utah Is It? It was funny to watch the movie try to pass off Gateway mall in Downtown Salt Lake as Las Vegas. Sorry Disney, you did do a pretty good job at it, but we know better.

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