Another Disney Freaky Friday? Yep. But this one sings! This DCOM is based on the play that was based on the movie that was based on the book. Phew. I don’t know how we missed it, but we had no idea this movie was going to be a musical until we were watching it and suddenly the girl starting singing. At first, we were really confused and couldn’t get over the fact of “this is a musical??”. But once we calmed down and accepted that this wasn’t like the Freaky Friday of our youth, it wasn’t too bad. There were a couple of things we thought were weird and wondered why it was changed that way but overall it’s an okay watch. We think it actually grew on us more after we watched it. We do think that this is one that kids will really enjoy and we recommend it for them for sure.


Kind of a Fantasia type of movie, Make Mine Music is a serious of animated shorts to music. However, the music is more the popular contemporary music of the time rather than classical. Some of the shorts are good and worth seeing and some are boring and can be missed. If you are a Disney fan then we say check it out. It was made back in the day when Disney was still very much experimenting with animation. But other than that, it is one that can be skipped.


I must admit that I was a Muppet Christmas Carol virgin before this fateful night. Now that I have finally seen it, I am bummed so many Christmases have gone by without having watched this movie. It is, in true Muppet fashion, a hilarious and unique take on such a classic tale. It really is fun and I think will become a Christmas tradition. If you have never seen it and like the Muppets, then I definitely recommend checking this one out right away….when it’s Christmas…or before. Do what you want.


If you are a Hannah Montana and/or Miley Cyrus fan then you will love this movie. It is her Best of Both Worlds concert tour with some behind the scenes clips throughout. If you are not a fan then don’t watch it. You won’t like it. I will say this concert movie was far better than the Jonas Brothers concert movie. While we are not big Hannah Montana fans, we have seen the show and there are a couple of songs we enjoy, so watching the concert movie wasn’t too bad.



This is one of our favorite Disney movies. The Little Mermaid is a classic with wonderful music and amazing characters. But we couldn’t help but think of how old we are now because we were constantly telling Ariel how she IS just a child. We remember being kids watching this show thinking that Ariel was so grown up and her father should listen to her and stop treating her like a kid. Now we are watching it and we hear Ariel exclaim, “I’m 16 years old, I’m not a child.” Uh, sorry Ariel, but yes you are! Suddenly all her choices make so much sense. The fact that she instantly falls in love with a boy that is off bounds and that she is so willing to give up her life for him…It’s because she is a little teenage girl. But yes this movie is still amazing. It is a sweet fairy tale about a girl who wants to follow her own path and her heart.




If you liked the music of the first High School Musical, then you will enjoy watching this enough. It is basically just the cast, minus Zac Efron as he was filming Hairspray at the time, performing the songs of the movie with a few of their own songs from their own albums thrown in there. You don’t need to watch it as you can just listen to the album instead, but if you or someone you know is a big fan, they will like it.




This live action remake of the animated movie of the same name is the best live action remake Disney has done so far. We loved it. Emma Watson was amazing as Belle and Josh Gad as the silly LeFou, but the best casting choice was Luke Evans as Gaston. We loved how it stayed true to the animated version. It kept the all the elements of what made the original so great while also adding new things that didn’t harm or take away from why we love this story. I love how this version worked on answering a couple plot hole questions. I always wondered why the town didn’t seem to ever care or wonder what happened to their royalty. No one noticed that they no longer had a king and that the castle was suddenly under a dark curse? This movie addresses that and I loved it. This movie is beautiful and definitely should be seen by everyone.




We love Tangled and were excited to see Rapunzel and Eugene (AKA Flynn Rider) come back and see more of their adventures together. With Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi reprising their roles of Rapunzel and Eugene, this movie kicks off the new series Tangled: The series, which now airs on Disney Channel. Rapunzel gets her long blonde hair back after she and a friend leave the walls of the Kingdom and venture to the same spot where the magical flower that saved the queen and gave Rapunzel the magical hair in the first place once was. While there, Rapunzel touches a rock that turns out to be magical and suddenly more rock spears pop out of the ground and chase them back. Rapunzel returns to her castle now stuck with her long hair again and has to find out what the magical rocks are, why her hair is back and how to get rid of it. Whew. Overall, the movie was ok. It has some humor and seems a good start to the series, but we did get bored and it felt long at times. The kids, however, will love it.




In this sequel,The Cheetah Girls go to Barcelona to enter a singing competition and that is believable I guess.  The movie plot follows a similar story line where they are a group and then fight and get distracted with other things but then makeup, except they do it in Spain. Some songs are good, some not so much and the beginning of their performance at the competition is super cheesy and awkward. But I feel like The Cheetah Girls movies are DCOMs you just need to check out eventually.

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Five students meet in detention and form a band. It is a great story about kids finding their voice, expressing who they are and just getting through life with the help of your friends. The music in this movie is actually good. I love the “Determinate” song. It gets stuck in my head. I think teens could really relate to and enjoy this movie as well as adults since it deals with stuff I think everyone has either gone through or is going through. And it makes me seriously want to try that lemonade.

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