Neither one of us had seen Hamilton before it was released as a movie on Disney+. I was so excited when I heard about this and was finally able to see what everyone was talking about. This did not disappoint at all! We really enjoyed it. It’s so cleverly written and beautifully performed. Josh Gad at King George was pure magic. Definitely check this out if you haven’t yet.


This movie is great. Who wouldn’t want to watch a movie that has a scene with ALL the Disney princesses in it? That scene was truly great! The movie was a wonderful sequel where Venelope is ready for some change and something new and exciting. While she and Ralph scour the internet to find a replacement part for her game, she discovers her exciting new dream. During the end, there was a moment that seemed to drag on for a bit too long. That same scene also scared a couple young kids I know, but overall definitely a movie that deserves a viewing.

ALADDIN (1992)

Who doesn’t love Aladdin? This is one of the classics that is a must see for everyone. The story is great, Jafar is creepy and the genie is genius. In my opinion, this was Robin William’s greatest performance. He is absolutely amazing as the voice of Genie. And A Whole New World is one of the best and most beautiful Disney songs. We love this movie and can’t wait for the live action film to come out!


Yes! Finally!! I have been a huge fan of The Incredibles since day one. In fact, it is my favorite Pixar film, so I have been aching for the sequel. Of course, when you are in such anticipation for a movie to come out, it can often disappoint your expectations. But oh boy did The Incredibles 2 deliver! This movie was, well, incredible!! In keeping with the theme of the first one, this is about a family first and superheroes second. I love how real these characters are. The scene where Helen and Bob are sitting by the motel pool discussing what to do next for their family? Wow. This movie takes place right after the first one, we get to see the Parr family learning to really embrace themselves as a superhero family and learn how to deal with their new lives. Seriously, this movie is great. Elastigirl is the best!, Jack-Jack is freaking awesome and the villain is legit super creepy. YOU NEED TO SEE THIS MOVIE!

COCO (2017)

We were so excited to finally go and see Coco. And when we did, it did not disappoint. The animation of the land of the dead is so beautiful. I loved the flower bridge! Coco is a wonderful story about a young boy, Miguel, who just wants to play music. His family, however, is against it since his great grandfather left his great grandmother to be a musician. Miguel ends up in the land of the dead where he meets his ancestors. They must work fast to get Miguel back to the living before he is trapped there forever. Meanwhile, Miguel is trying to get his ancestors to bless his quest to become a musician. What we love about the movie is how it is really just about a real family. Miguel’s family still works the trade that his great great grandmother did to support his family and they all seem happy to do so together. Miguel doesn’t even seem to mind, he just wants to be able to play music too. We also loved learning about Dias de los Muertos and the traditions of the holiday. It really is so beautiful. And I bet by the end of the movie, you will want a dog like Dante. If you haven’t seen “Coco” please see it! It really is a great movie!

TOY STORY 2 (1999)

Toy Story 2 is the sequel of all sequels. No sequel in the history of film is as great as this sequel is. Did I say sequel enough? The toys are back where they make new friends and have a grand new adventure. This time they are faced with the challenge of getting Woody back from a thieving, toy store owning, vintage toy collecting man. This movie has all the good stuff. Great story, humor, wonderful characters, will give you the feels and make you reconsider giving away your childhood toys. Definitely, a must-see for everyone.


Another movie that we have given our highest rating of 5. And why? Because this movie blessed us with the greatest villain of all time, the Mistress of All Evil herself, Maleficent! I mean, she cursed a baby. Wow, that’s crazy. She turns into a dragon and says “Hell” which I thought was so bad when I was a kid. She is, in my opinion, the best thing about this movie. And this movie has a lot of great things. The animation is beautiful, the three Good Fairies are hilarious, and this movie raises the ever important question/debate of pink vs blue. My opinion? MAKE IT BLUE!!!! I am team Merryweather all the way. Aurora looks so much better in blue. And hello! Her dress is blue for the majority of the time she is wearing it in the movie. The only reason she is pink at the Disney Parks is because they needed her to be distinctive from Cinderella and her blue dress. But we all know that blue is so much better. Melissa is team Flora and therefore votes “make it pink”. But that’s not important. What is important is, Why did the King and Queen have the Good Fairies bring Aurora back on her birthday? Maleficent’s curse said, “before the sun sets on her 16th birthday she will prick her finger” etc etc. They sent her away and lied to her for 16 years to keep her safe and hidden from Maleficent and her curse and couldn’t wait one more day to make sure that the curse wouldn’t come to pass? Granted, Maleficent caught Prince Phillip at the cottage so Aurora would’ve been captured there anyway if she stayed. But that is not the point. Also, the Good Fairies have been living without magic for all that time. Why couldn’t they make a cake or a dress? Shouldn’t their homemaking skills be down by now? Who knows. Still, this is a great movie. Watch it.

NEWSIES (1992)

A movie that was not appreciated in it’s own time is now a cult classic with its own Broadway musical. That’s right. It’s Newsies! Newsies seriously is so great. The dancing, the singing, the young Christian Bale. It’s all good! This is one of Melissa’s favorites. I think she can still dance along to every dance like she did as a kid but she refuses to show me. Young kids may get a little bored with the film, but you should have them watch it anyway. Because of this movie, The World Will Know how to Seize the Day. Carrying the Banner to become King of New York or even Santa Fe. See what I did there? You would if you have seen the movie and listened to the soundtrack as many times as we have.


Who doesn’t love Jack Spar…excuse me, Captain Jack Sparrow? This movie is so fun. And if you are a fan of Disneyland, nothing it better than catching all the references to the classic ride from the park. This movie has a great story, fun characters, humor, a romance and tons of action. There is something for everyone. This is by far the best Pirates movie and if you have not seen it then you need to right now. GO!


I remember watching this movie for the first time as a kid in the theater and laughing hysterically. Now I am all grown up and I still laugh hysterically at it. Each character just has something to offer. Hercules provides the heroic action, obviously, Meg gives the sarcastic comments and the way Hades’s stupid silly sidekicks just annoy and anger him is so perfect. I just love this movie and if you have never seen it, SEE IT NOW!