This is one of our favorite Disney movies. The Little Mermaid is a classic with wonderful music and amazing characters. But we couldn’t help but think of how old we are now because we were constantly telling Ariel how she IS just a child. We remember being kids watching this show thinking that Ariel was so grown up and her father should listen to her and stop treating her like a kid. Now we are watching it and we hear Ariel exclaim, “I’m 16 years old, I’m not a child.” Uh, sorry Ariel, but yes you are! Suddenly all her choices make so much sense. The fact that she instantly falls in love with a boy that is off bounds and that she is so willing to give up her life for him…It’s because she is a little teenage girl. But yes this movie is still amazing. It is a sweet fairy tale about a girl who wants to follow her own path and her heart.




Before Mike and Sully were best friend’s, before the were the top scare team at Monster’s Inc., they were two kids who met and didn’t really like each other at college. This movie is super fun. We love seeing how Mike and Sully met and how they became friends. The Scare Games that take place are my favorite part. It’s fun seeing the different monster and their fraternities and sororities compete to be the ultimate scare team. This movie is funny and fun and if you loved this first movie, you will definitely love this.




This live action remake of the animated movie of the same name is the best live action remake Disney has done so far. We loved it. Emma Watson was amazing as Belle and Josh Gad as the silly LeFou, but the best casting choice was Luke Evans as Gaston. We loved how it stayed true to the animated version. It kept the all the elements of what made the original so great while also adding new things that didn’t harm or take away from why we love this story. I love how this version worked on answering a couple plot hole questions. I always wondered why the town didn’t seem to ever care or wonder what happened to their royalty. No one noticed that they no longer had a king and that the castle was suddenly under a dark curse? This movie addresses that and I loved it. This movie is beautiful and definitely should be seen by everyone.


BRAVE (2012)

We love Brave! Merida is a tough, independent girl who just wants to be her own person and isn’t afraid to show who that is. I totally want a bow and arrow and to be able to shoot as well as her. I love that the story is about making your own fate, the love of family relationships and the importance of being who you are. We highly recommend Brave if you haven’t seen it. This movie is interesting, funny and beautifully made.

TOY STORY (1995)


One of the greats for sure, Toy Story will make you laugh and cry and get your old toys out to play with since you are now certain that they are feeling unloved by you. Toy Story was the Pixar movie that started it all. It was because of this movie that computer animation came into being and is now the norm for a lot of animated films. I remember when this movie came out and as a kid, I thought it was fantastic. I loved going into the world of the toys and experiencing life from their perspective. It is a wonderful film and is a must see for everyone.



“(Singing) You need to watch this movie or so help me. So help me. So help me.” If you have seen this movie, you will get my joke. If you haven’t, well then get on it so you can be in on the laughter. Seriously, this movie is great. It’s funny, creative and unique…like all the Pixar films. Boo is adorable, Sully is the cuddly monster everyone wants as their best friend and Mike Wazowski is the friend you love but always laugh at when they get hurt or fail. It is such a fun and we know you’ll love it.



Oh man. We love this movie. This was one that I watched quite often throughout my childhood. I loved the idea that this boy was being looked after by a quirky, lovable, friendly, silly dragon. And this movie brought us one of the greatest Disney songs, Candle on the Water. If you don’t like Candle on the Water…then why are you even reading this. Get outta here! Seriously that song is awesome and so is this movie. Watch it, listen to it, love it.

PETER PAN (1953)


Oh man! This movie is a classic. Who doesn’t want to be whisked away to Neverland? To fight with Captain Hook, see real mermaids, plays games with the Lost Boys and fly with Peter and Tinker Bell. I don’t know how anyone hasn’t seen this movie, but if you haven’t, um…get on that! Come on, Nana! (if you have seen the movie, you will get that) One of the best rides in Fantasyland is based on this movie. You need to know the wonderful magical world of Neverland!


MOANA (2017)


Disney’s latest movie is about a girl named Moana. She is learning to become chief of her village, but is drawn by the sea and wants to sail beyond her island and explore what’s out there. We loved this movie especially the music. I bought the soundtrack before the credits were finished scrolling. The story is amazing and unique, the humor is funny and the animation is beautiful. Moana is the perfect heroine for anybody to look up to. She is brave, smart, unselfish and stays true to herself. If you haven’t seen the movie, please go and check it out. I don’t think you will be disappointed.




This is my favorite Pixar movie. Ever since it was first released, I loved the world of The Incredibles. I love that they are a super family and yet have the same issues and situations of a normal family. Mrs. Incredible is boss. Best line in the movie comes from her and should be a life motto to all women: “Leave the saving the world to the men? I don’t think so.” This movie is full of action, suspense, love, laughter and the genius that is the Disney/Pixar combo. Expect the Incredible when you watch The Incredibles.

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