OCEANS (2009)

A Disneynature film that’s about, you guessed it, the ocean. Like all Disneynature films this one of beautiful. The images they are able to capture is fantastic. They are informative and bring you a world that you may not ever see otherwise. Depending on your kids, they may get bored. But it actually is pretty interesting and we recommend checking it out at least once.


A Disneynature film this time following animals that were…well born in China. This movie has pandas! I mean, who doesn’t love pandas! It also follows a snow leopard family and monkeys. It is really interesting like all the Disneynature films. The patience the filmmakers had to have to capture the moments they did is amazing. It’s a beautiful film worthy of a watch.


A Disneynature film all about the necessity of winged creatures such as bees, butterflies, birds and bats. It teaches about the important roles they play along with flowers and plants with pollinating the world. Another film with beautiful imagery and scenes of nature I would never have seen otherwise. Like the nocturnal bats eating the cactus fruit in the moonlight. Go ahead an get in a watch. It’s a good one.


This is a movie that seems to be part nature documentary and part narrative story. It follows the life of a legendary wolf named Lobo from the time he was a cub until he has a family of his own. It was interesting enough but was one that you can watch once and be done. If you are interested in the life of a wild wolf or nature documentaries then you should check this out. Otherwise, it is one that is OK to miss.


A compilation of Disney’s early nature films shows various animals from around the world. If you like nature films then you will enjoy this. Walt Disney really invented the nature documentary as he was fascinated with animals and often filmed them in order to learn how to animate them. Since this movie is a compilation it keeps your interest well and does have some cool shots. While it isn’t a movie you need to watch over and over, if you get a chance to see it then I say do it.

EARTH (2009)

In this Disneynature film, we follow 3 different animal families, African elephants, polar bears, and humpback whales. We discover how they live, migrate and survive in their unique habitats. This one was really entertaining. Following three different species kept the movie interesting. But warning, if you are an animal lover, there are moments that may make you teary. Overall, this movie is very informative, beautifully shot and entertaining. Go and check it out if you haven’t already.


Disneynature and flamingos! This one is definitely an interesting one to watch. I had no idea some flamingos lived like this. On the land of a temporarily dried salty lake in Africa. Crazy. I don’t know why I always just picture them in the tropical Florida greenery. The best part of this movie was when the group of flamingos walks together like a squad strolling into the party knowing they are all that. Like most Disneynature films, it is good to see at least once. Check it out if you haven’t already.


A man goes far north in order to study and research wolves in the wild. While he spends most his time alone, he is helped a couple times by some local Natives. His goal is to see if the wolves are responsible for the drastic drop in the caribou population. It was an interesting watch. At times it felt a little long, but all in all, they did a good job keeping you entertained watching someone watch wolves. the wolves were obviously the best part of the movie.


Disneynature again! This tugs at your heartstrings a little more as we watch a young chimp lose his mother, try to survive the jungle on his own and then get adopted by the last chimp you would think, the alpha male. Like the other Disneynature films, I think it is enjoyable and interesting to see once and the call it good.

BEARS (2014)

Bears is a Disneynature film about, you guessed it, bears. We follow a momma bear and her two cubs as she teaches them how to survive in the Alaskan wilderness. It was interesting enough that we are glad we have seen it but isn’t one we need to watch again and again. The imagery is beautiful and watching what they were able to capture these animals is incredible. If you get a chance to see it, go ahead.