A bear cub and a raccoon get separated from their families when they’re trapped on a log floating down the river. They become buddies and we watch as they live out their lives together. This is one of those nature movies where they made a story out of footage filmed in real life nature, but you also have to wonder how much of it was forced so they could film it and how much was actually capturing nature. The movie did feel long. We watched this on Disney+ so check it out if you want, but it isn’t one you need to see.


A behind the scenes look at the making of the Disneynature film Dolphin Reef. It is always interesting to see what they have to do in order to get the shots they need for documentaries, but this one just wasn’t the most entertaining. We would just prefer to watch the actual documentary instead. But if you do watch Dolphin Reef and like it, it is pretty cool to see more of the dark cave.


A Disneynature film about, you guessed it, Penguins! Penguins are adorable. There is no debate on the subject. The opening of this film is absolutely THE BEST! I had to rewind it right away and watch it again. But of course, as many nature documentaries there are sad parts that will leave an animal loving heart broken. The film is very informative and we enjoyed it. Definitely recommend for others to check out.


In this behind the scenes movie, we watch the journey of filmmakers as they film the documentary, Elephant. It is always interesting to watch these films after you have sent the original documentary to see how difficult and trying it was to capture those beautiful images. We see as these filmmakers face the challenges of weather, dangerous animals and wild African terrain. Although I enjoyed Elephant more, I would say to give this movie a watch at least once to see how it was made.


Disney Nature has now shown us the wonderful world of dolphins. We see a herd of dolphins survive in their underwater home. This movie focuses mostly on a young dolphin named Echo as he learns how to survive. But Echo is a curious rambunctious dolphin who would rather explore and push the rules rather than just follow them. This movie was great for a one time viewing. I don’t think that I have to revisit it again, but wouldn’t mind if I did.


Elephant is another Disney Nature that follows, you guessed it, elephants. We watch as a herd of elephants with a newly born calf, migrate across Africa to the Zambezi River. I don’t know about you but I LOVE elephants so I was all about this documentary. But it really is quite interesting to see all the elephants must go through when they migrate. And to learn that this is what elephants have been doing for hundreds of years. This movie made me cry and it made me laugh. We enjoyed it and think it’s one to definitely check out.

OCEANS (2009)

A Disneynature film that’s about, you guessed it, the ocean. Like all Disneynature films this one of beautiful. The images they are able to capture is fantastic. They are informative and bring you a world that you may not ever see otherwise. Depending on your kids, they may get bored. But it actually is pretty interesting and we recommend checking it out at least once.


A Disneynature film this time following animals that were…well born in China. This movie has pandas! I mean, who doesn’t love pandas! It also follows a snow leopard family and monkeys. It is really interesting like all the Disneynature films. The patience the filmmakers had to have to capture the moments they did is amazing. It’s a beautiful film worthy of a watch.


A Disneynature film all about the necessity of winged creatures such as bees, butterflies, birds and bats. It teaches about the important roles they play along with flowers and plants with pollinating the world. Another film with beautiful imagery and scenes of nature I would never have seen otherwise. Like the nocturnal bats eating the cactus fruit in the moonlight. Go ahead an get in a watch. It’s a good one.


This is a movie that seems to be part nature documentary and part narrative story. It follows the life of a legendary wolf named Lobo from the time he was a cub until he has a family of his own. It was interesting enough but was one that you can watch once and be done. If you are interested in the life of a wild wolf or nature documentaries then you should check this out. Otherwise, it is one that is OK to miss.