A famous dog is lost at sea and eventually washes up on shore and must survive the wilderness. While there he discovers four cougar cubs left alone after their mother was killed by a hunter. Benji takes on the role of caring for the cubs awhile he tries to get them to another mother cougar that can take care of them. Overall, the movie did seem a bit long, but watching the cute dog and cubs made it worth while. Of course, just know that with watching cute animals comes the stress of wondering if they will get hurt or die.




Another one of those nature/narrative stories where it feels like you are watching a documentary but there is a fictional story in there as well. This one follows the life of a bear. Beginning when he was a cub and loses his mother, the cub is rescued by an Indian who works for a cattle rancher. We then see the cub grow into a mighty grizzly and fight a rancher’s prize bull. Who will win?? The movie was interesting in some parts and boring in others. The animals are fun to watch but overall it wasn’t our favorite.



Wow, this movie was stressful. The adventures that dog went through were FREAKING US OUT! When the dog and the bear were roped together, we freaked out. [MINOR SPOILER ALERT] When the dog almost ate poison, we freaked out. When the big bear attacked the little bear, we freaked out. When the dog was forced to fight in dog fights, we freaked the heck out! So must stress in this movie and welfare of the precious animals. The story itself isn’t the most entertaining or fun, but it is a bit interesting. If you are an animal lover and dare to watch this movie…we warned you.

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These Disney Nature films are wonderful. This documentary about a society of monkeys is actually really interesting. To see how these monkeys have social status just like humans have is insane. The higher your status, the higher you can sit in the tree and the better fruit you are able to eat. It gets stressful as you root for the heroine in hoping that she can take care of her baby, be able to climb the social ladder for a better life or to just survive. The movie has some humor of course, I mean they are monkeys after all and narration by Tina Fey. Everyone will love the scene where they invade a house and gorge on all the food. But there are some tense moments and fighting that may scare younger kids. Overall, We recommend checking it out.

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