GUS (1976)

A movie about a football team who uses a donkey to kick field goals for them. Now the normally losing team begins to win. So another sports movie where the team uses something or other to basically cheat but everyone is fine with it for some reason. And how does a football team win by just getting field goals? I mean, if your team was so bad before and couldn’t score or stop the other team from scoring, how are field goals the answer? Ah well, it’s not a good movie. Best to leave this one alone.


We need another Air Bud movie. What sport haven’t we done? Ah yes, volleyball. Or at least that is how I imagined it went down in the production office. Yes, Buddy is back again and this time he helps out the sister’s volleyball team. It pretty much has the same structure as the other movies: Buddy plays and helps the team win while some wackos are up to some kind of criminal activity. This is actually the last Air Bud movie and then they started to make the Buddies films. The movie is fine enough and kids will be entertained but if you only ever see the original Air Bud, then you are just fine.


A documentary about a horse who gets passed around only to end up on the US equestrian team to become a great jumper. The movie was interesting enough. We are glad it was only an hour as any longer and I am not sure if we would have made it. it is always fun to voice what we assume the horse is thinking or feeling. The young kids will get bored and I don’t think it to be one that every adult needs to see either. But check it out if you come across it and feel so inclined.



A girl’s dream to become a jockey seems to get closer when she buys and unwanted, losing racehorse. Her mother is against the idea of her daughter being a jockey since her husband died doing the same thing. So the girl works with a trainer and another rider to make the horse into the champion she knows he is. Oh, and did I mention this girl can also talk to horses and hears them talk back? Yeah, it is kinda crazy and boring and cheesy, but overall not one of the worst DCOM’s we have seen, but not one you definitely need to see.




In this reboot of the classic Herbie movies of the 60s, Lindsay Lohan plays Maggie, a girl whose dream is to be a Nascar driver. Of course, her father will not allow this. It seems like Maggie may be done with her dream after she had a bad crash years ago. But once she meets Herbie and discovers the car can race, Maggie is thrown back into the racing world and discovers she still has racing in her blood.  The movie isn’t a total bust. It turned out a little better than I thought, but overall, meh.




The story of this movie is actually pretty interesting. Based off of a true story, JB, a sports agent travels to India to find some cricket athletes to bring back to America to become baseball players. This is done in the hopes of turning the market of the cricket fans in India to also become fans of American baseball. Another one of those movies that we are glad we have seen once but don’t really need to watch it again, but could. Young kids may get bored. But, if you are into baseball, you will really like the movie. If you aren’t, like us, it is a good story anyway.




In a time where golf was considered a sport only for gentlemen, Francis Ouimet, a poor lower class boy, fights to be able to become a championship golfer and compete in the U.S. Open. Based off of a true story, the movie held it’s own and was pretty good. We were entertained and loved the attitude of Francis’s little caddy boy. While it isn’t one that we feel everyone must see, it is one that we think you might enjoy seeing if you haven’t already even if you don’t like golf or watching golf.




The first of many many sequels to Air Bud, this movie is about the same young boy as the first movie and his dog. This time taking on football instead of basketball. And instead of a clown who wants Air Bud for himself, we have a couple of Russian circus owners trying to kidnap Buddy. They are pretty much the slapstick comedy relief that kids like. You know, believing that a dog is on a basketball team is crazy enough, but that was far more believable than people letting a dog join a kids football team. Of course, Buddy will help them win, dogs can run faster and no one is going to full on tackle a dog. How is this fair? Well, the dog is still cute.




This movie is a biography of an Ethiopian man who won the gold medal at the 1996 Summer Olympics. It starts out with him briefly introducing us to his childhood and where he grew up. Then we watch the story of his childhood and how he got into running and eventually made it to the Olympics. The story is about exactly what the title says, endurance, in all different forms. It is definitely a motivating movie and makes us feel very blessed for what we have and where we live.


Based off the true events of Jamaica’s first bobsled team in the 1988 Winter Olympics, this movie will make you laugh as it is just plain hilarious and fun. I promise, if you haven’t seen this movie, you will love it. I don’t see how you couldn’t. It’s a movie about determination, pride in your country, in who you are and friendship. Come on, mon, watch it!