After Christopher Robin seems to disappear, Winnie the Pooh and friends go on a journey to find and save him. This one was interesting for me to watch after we have watched most of the other Winnie the Pooh movies. I grew up with this movie at home and I remember liking it. But now as an adult and comparing it to the other movies, this one is by far the most emotional and serious. Winnie the Pooh is known for its sweet one-liners about friendship and its silly yet sophisticated humor. This movie definitely has some lines that tug at the heartstrings, but it didn’t have as much of the humor. While this movie is cute and has a duet between Christopher Robin and Pooh that I still adore, I must say that it isn’t as good as I thought when I was a kid. Kids will like this movie and I think adults can enjoy it once or twice, but there are other Winnie the Pooh movies I would rather watch.


This is another one of those sequels that we just don’t see why it had to be made. I guess the first movie was successful so why not make a cheap movie that goes straight to video to make some money. Seeing it once was fine enough, but this story isn’t great. In this one, Pocahontas travels to London. The music was not great and the new characters are nothing to mention..except for *SPOILER ALERT* Pocahontas meets and falls in love with John Rolfe and says “bye bye” to John Smith. Which, yes, it is historically accurate…but why? Why this movie? Ah well. Kids will probably like it but no need to really see this one.


This documentary follows fifteen young sailors as they train for and then sail in a race across the Pacific from California to Hawaii. The story was pretty interesting. Sailing looks hard. But it was also felt a little long and was a bit boring at times. If you are into sailing then this is an interesting watch, but young kids are sure to get bored. And while seeing these sailors live out their dreams was cool, watching it once was enough for us.

101 DALMATIANS (1996)

So you all thought that is was just in recent years the Disney started to do live action versions of their classic animated features? Well, back in the 90s, Disney made this live-action version of 101 Dalmatians. We have some mixed feelings about it. We absolutely love Glenn Close take on the role of Cruella De Vil. She was fantastic! She did such a great job at taking on those classic mannerisms and lines of the dog-snatching villainess. And that laugh! Awesome. But other than her, the movie fell flat. Part of the what makes the original animated movie great was that it was all from the point of view of the dogs. We knew what they were thinking and feeling because, well, they told us. Now, I know that a good movie doesn’t just tell you, but it also shows you. In the live action version, they still were able to show us what the dogs were feeling. But since they don’t talk, it was all from the point of view of the humans. It was more about them and we missed the story of the dogs. So it is a fun movie to check out at least once at least for Glenn Close’s performance, but we recommend sticking with the original animated version.

FANTASIA 2000 (1999)

Fantasia for the new millennium! This one has new feature shorts along with a classic. Now, this may upset some people out there, but we actually like this one better than the original. I know, I know. The original is a classic and we couldn’t agree more. But we were more entertained with the shorts in this one. We really like Donald Duck in the Noah role and watching the whales swim in the sky! Plus, this one included the Sorcerer Mickey short too! If you like the original then you will like this one. And if you don’t like the original, then maybe you will still like this one. Give it a try.

ZOMBIES (2018)

The newest Disney Channel original movie is pretty much like a Hairspray for kids featuring zombies. Zombies are no longer brain-eating monsters. They are finally allowed to attend the normals school but are still separated from them. A normal cheerleader girl and a zombie boy fall in love and must work at uniting their worlds so all can become one and be happy. The movie was OK. The songs weren’t actually too bad and the dances were good. But the story and the characters were pretty cheesy. If it’s a bracelet that makes it is so the zombies won’t eat brains then why is it so easily busted or manipulated when it gets hit or bumped? He shouldn’t be playing football if he can just slap his bracelet and it’s affected. Shouldn’t they be stronger than that? Ah well. While we are sure that kids will love this movie nonetheless and will drive their parents crazy by watching it over and over, we don’t think it will become as big as Descendants or High School Musical.


Originally made to be played in an IMAX theater, Roving Mars is about NASA building and sending the Mars Rover. The movie is interesting and it was cool to see how they developed the rover along with how to get it to Mars and how to get it to land safely. And while it was captivating at times it was also a little boring. For being only forty minutes long it felt like it dragged a bit in places. Now, if you or kids you know are really into the topic of space then this movie would be a great one. We were interested and glad to have watched it once, but now we are good.


After spending three years filming African wildlife, Disney made this documentary. “A true Life adventure!” And you know what? It was a true life adventure! It was really interesting. The film not only shows you the life of a lion and his pride, but also lots of other animals in the African safari such as elephants, giraffes, warthogs, hippos, and cheetahs. The movie keeps your interests by moving on to different animals but also ties together how they all live and survive in the same world. We think animal-loving kids would love this documentary and think it will hold their attention. We definitely think people should give this one a try. It was a pleasant surprise.


Before Disney did the animated movie of Robin Hood, they made a live-action feature about the classic literary character. When we sat down to watch this movie, we were expecting to be bored. It actually turned out better then we thought. There was some fun humor in it we didn’t expect. We would be open to watching it again if the time came. If you are an ultimate Disney fan or a fan of Robin Hood himself, go ahead and check out Disney’s second live-action movie made.


I loved this movie as a kid. I thought Fidget the bat was hilarious. He still is. But as a whole, I definitely liked this movie better as a kid than as an adult. It’s still a fun and cute little movie, though, don’t get me wrong. I think it is one of the underrated Disney movies. Not too many people have seen it or even know about it. It is a “Sherlock Holmes” movie for kids. Basil is the Sherlock substitute who is on the case to find poor little Olivia’s father. He has been taken by Basil nemesis, Professor Ratigan. And Ratigan is a very creepy villain. He freaked me out when he and Basil are fighting on the face of Big Ben. His claws!!! But why is he a Professor? What subject did he teach? And where? Oxford perhaps? He is a very distinguished rat…until he loses his temper because someone calls him a rat. And where did he get that cat that answers to his bell? I’ve got you interested now, huh? So go watch it!