Zenon: Z3 (2004)

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Again, it’s up to Zenon to save the day! But this time, she not only needs to save the people in her Spay-Stay, she has to save the world! Zenon needs to convince everyone on the Moon to hightail it outta there before the Moon goddess, who wants everyone off her surface so she can live in peace, destroys the world with the crazy weather she has been causing. Raven makes a couple brief cameos in it, which made us wish she were in more of it. And just like the first two movies, no one believes Zenon, except her friends.  Why people? Why don’t you believe her? Have you learned nothing?!? You didn’t believe her in the first movie and you almost died. You didn’t believe her in the second movie and everything was almost ruined. Both times, she saved everyone and everything. So people in the future world…LISTEN TO AND BELIVE ZENON!

Also, how is it that the third movie has worse CGI effects than the first one? I know Disney Channel graphics are not the top quality that Disney is capable of, but this was ridiculous.


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