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​Yay for Jodie Foster!  I love the fact she was a former Disney star. Jodie Foster is only eight years old in this movie, but there is no mistaking that it is her. With her very recognizable voice, Jodie showcases her talents in her feature film debut. Interesting tidbit: Jodie was attacked by one of the lions on set when while walking in front of him, the lion picked her up in his mouth and shook her before the trainer yelled for the lion to “drop it”. She has scars on her stomach and back and apparently developed a life long fear of cats because of it. I don’t blame her. My question is…how do you continue filming the movie after something like that happens? Was Jodie just like, “Yep, OK let’s finish this.”


The movie was fun to watch and I would be willing to watch it again. The kids were cute, the story was interesting and we sure felt for the little boy after he lost his grandfather. Definitely one to check out.


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