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A very successful attempt to remake one of their classics. This movie is great. Little Lindsay Lohan does a fabulous job at carrying this movie. Questions raised when watching this movie aside from why would parents do this to their children: Why do characters never wake up in movies? I mean, the whole scene where Hallie and her friends are putting shaving cream, honey, tying string everywhere, placing water balloons and feathers and hanging a bucket of chocolate, you are telling me not one girl wakes up? Not one girl hears anythings or feels stuff being put on them? Apparently not. In the movies no one ever wakes up. Also, why is it that Annie has to change everything in order for the two to look alike. She has to get her ears pierced and hair cut (which looks perfect despite being cut by an 11 year old with giant scissors) while Hallie didn’t have to do anything. Poor Annie. And where did they end up living after they parents remarried? Our guess if California since you can move a bridal dress design company but not a vineyard. This movie is great, though, and if your kids can sit through a 2 hour movie, they will love it.


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