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Perhaps the most classic of all classic Disney movies. Cinderella is magical. The mice friends are wonderful with Gus of course being the best. Oh Gus, you make me so happy. And everyone knows that the dress changing bippidi-boppidi-boo scene is some of the most beautiful animation ever created. I know that I love this movie, but I often forget how great it is until I watch it again. Cinderella often gets a bad rap as a girl who just waited for her prince. Well, let’s look at this shall we: The girls has lost both her parents and is being forced to be a servant in her own home. Being the kind hearted girl she is, and having no where else to go, she toughs it out and finds joy in her miserable life by dreaming and hoping for better things to come. And so one night when she can actually leave and go have some fun at the ball, she does it. Yeah she got some help, but please, she deserves it! She didn’t sit around and wait, she went out and found her happily ever after. Please, if you are having a bad day, let this movie lift your spirits and make you believe once again that dreams can come true.


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