G-FORCE (2009)

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Oh no, time to watch G-Force. Let’s hurry and watch this and get it over with. I mean, how did an idea of a team of guinea pig spies get green lit? And how did it attract a surprisingly strong cast? But watching it, I found it was better than I thought. I did laugh a few times thanks to Tracy Morgan.  But here is my question: there is a scene where the scientist reveals to his guinea pigs that they aren’t genetically engineered guinea pigs, but just normal rodents that they found in different places and trained. All of the guinea pigs are bummed at first. But why don’t they remember these places they were from and found and adopted by the scientist? Is it supposed to be like how we don’t remember being babies? I guess, but then mole reveals that he has this certain memory from his life and family before…so why don’t the guinea pigs remember? Oh well, I guess we just accept that they don’t. What is the memory span of a guinea pig? Hmm.


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