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Save the geese! A family buys land in hopes to create a sanctuary for the wild geese that fly through the town annually. I believe that the family cares about the geese and I think it’s great, but I wish the film explained why. Why was the dad so passionate about the geese that he was willing to lose his house and spend all of his money to buy land to protect them? I kept waiting for a back story that never came. The movie did fell kinda long at the end but overall held our attention. I think kids could get bored. Curious thing about the film, though, was when the boy would fight the town bully and there was no music, no score to raise our emotions or the intensity. It was quiet, except the sounds of their punches and feet shuffling in the dust. I guess that is how it is in real life, right? I don’t know, I have never been in a fight or stood around and watched one…maybe there is music.


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