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Cruella de Vil is super scary in the first one, but in this movie she isn’t scary at all.  I get that she has lost everything since the events in the first movie, but she just fizzles out as the villainess. Which is a big bummer. She is one of the greats. It was painful to see her so nonthreatening, even though they were trying to make her threatening. Perhaps it was the fact that she needed some cliche artist to help her. She needs puppy fur for art? Just make her try again for the fur coat. Don’t try and make it different just to make it different. It doesn’t work. As far as the dogs, it makes sense that Patch and the other puppies have English accents, but since they didn’t have accents in the first movie, it was kinda weird. Also, perhaps the puppies should have a buddy system so no more of them get left behind…or forgotten, as Lilo and Stitch would say. Get on that Pongo.


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