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A teenage high school hockey star becomes his little sisters den mother for her Bumble Bee troop. As a teenage boy, he begins to use them for his own selfish reason, such as doing his chores and fixing his car. Normally in a movie like this you are rooting for the character to learn his lesson and change his ways, then live happily ever after. But, we really weren’t. It was hard for us to care about this character. He was annoying and cocky for the majority of the movie and, for us, was never really likable. I didn’t want him to get the girl at the end of the movie when she realizes that he actually is a “nice guy”. So, in not liking the main character, this movie was hard to get through. And can I just mention the unrealistic fact of a teenage boy being allowed to to go to camp as a den mother/junior helper to a group of little girls. I feel like that wouldn’t happen. One good thing about the movie is the fact that it was yet another DCOM that was filmed in Utah so we got to play the “where are they” game. We would know that mall fountain anywhere.


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