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Do you believe in magic? Aly Michalka does…or at least her character does. Aly plays, Allyson, a smart girl who hopes to win a spot as a kid TV show producer by finding the best teen magician in the country. The first half of the movie was fun as it was doing pretty well to be mysterious. Then the ending happened. When Aly’s character overheard the bad guy’s villainous plan, we learned what he was really up to, but she kept saying how she needed to finish solving the puzzle. She only knew he was going to hurt her magician friend, Danny, who actually has real magical powers. Um, what puzzle piece is missing? we heard why he is doing it. He wants Danny’s powers. So for the last 20 minutes, we have to watch the main characters try to solve what we already know. So at that point, it started feeling long and boring. Another plus for this one, you do get to hear Aly and AJ sing “Do you believe in Magic”.


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