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OK, wow. This movie is about a poor boy who can’t get himself to school, so he gets a horse caught from a wild herd.  One day the horse runs away and then is re-caught by an unknowing rich dude who gives it to his recently crippled daughter. The two end up going to court to see who the horse belongs to. I feel like we are supposed to like both kids and be torn by who should get the horse. However, we did not like the little girl. She was a spoiled brat who was rude and annoying. During the movie we kept thinking how bugged we would be if she ends up with the horse. On another note, the boy’s mother literally had the same sullen expression the entire movie. It held our interest as we really didn’t know who would end up with the “wild pony”. We were a bit stressed when the decision was being made, as the movie was intending. overall it felt long and not one we need to watch again, or recommend to anyone else. The Australian accents were nice though.


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