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For a made for TV movie that aired on Wonderful World of Disney in the 90s, this was good. The movie is based on the true story of Ruby Bridges when she was the first black child to be integrated into and all white elementary school in Louisiana in 1960. Wow, this story made me emotional. I cried a few times. What this little girl and her family did and went through was incredible. She was more brave than I could ever be and only 6 years old. We rated the stress high for the obvious reason of the awful situation of racism (unbelievably cruel things were yelled at this girl as she walked to school escorted by U.S. Marshals) and a high rating for boring because it is pure drama and a serious subject that young kids may be unable to follow and understand, and therefore they may be uninterested. However, this is a great movie to help teach and discuss with kids about racism and the amazing people who took a stand against it.


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